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ASM Startup Issues

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If ASM has problems starting, check the following:

1:If ASM cannot start and the message “Cannot contact Cluster Manager”  displays, Make sure that CSS is started and is running in the correct mode.
CSS should be started from the ASM home in single-instance setups and from the Oracle Clusterware home in a Real Application Clusters (RAC)
environment. For RAC environments, ensure that the Oracle Clusterware is running properly before ASM is started.
2:Make sure that enough memory is available on the host and that ASM System Global Areas (SGA) init.ora parameters are set correctly.  See Chapter 2 for guidance on setting ASM SGA parameters.
3:Review and check the ASM alert log for errors and messages. Additionally, check the CRS/CSS log files for ASM issues. Contact Oracle support if necessary.
4:For Oracle Database 10g, each ASM instance has bdump, cdump, and udump directory structures. If error messages exist in the ASM alert log, then
check the any relevant files in the udump, cdump, and bdump directories for trace files or core dumps.
5:For Oracle Database 11g, check the trace dump direct of the DIAG_DEST directory.

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