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(转)BI--SDN上收集到的SAP BI的极好文章的链接

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BI--SDN上收集到的SAP BI的极好文章的链


Volume Testing for SAP BW

ERP: Note 821148 - Installing/upgrading Basis Plug-in (PI_BASIS) 2005.1

Step-by-Step: From the Data Model to the BI Application in the Web


How To Create a Characteristic with non-generic Text Data Access

Implementing Virtual Key Figure/ Characteristics Makes Query More Dynamic(BADI )

Guideline – BW Content 3.53 and 7.03 for Student Lifecycle Management

BW BCT List for BI Content 3.5.2 Add-On

Step-by-Step: F

rom the Data Model to the BI Application in the Web

Non-cumulatives Stock Handling

3)Datasource Configure

Hwo to Create Generic Delta Datasource

How To Create Generic DataSources which use the Delta Queue

SAP BI Generic Extraction Using a Function Module

SAP BW Data Source Enhancement

How To Dynamically Call DataSource Specific Programs in Source System User-exits

How To Reconcile Data Between SAP Source Systems and SAP NetWeaver BI Version 3.00

Enhancing LO DataSource – Step by Step (0CUSTOMER_ATTR)

Step by Step Guide to Create a Generic Datasource Based on Infoset Query Populated Via External Program

4)LOAD and Transport

How To Load a File into BI-Integrated Planning

Enhancing LO DataSource – Step by Step

How to Implentation a Transformation End Routine

Modeling Data Transformations in SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence

SAP BI Generic Extraction Using a Function Module


How to Integrating Custom Reusable Formulas into the Formula Builder

Conversion Routines in BW

5) Scenario

How To Implement Business Scenarios for customer loyalty Management

How To Handle Inventory Management Scenarios in BW

6)Process Chains

Custom Process types Remote Trigger and End Time

How To Create Monitor Entries from a Transformation routine

Set/Reset Number Range Main Memory Buffer for a CUBE.

7) Basis

Periodic Jobs and Tasks in SAP BW

How To System Copy in SAP Business Intelligence System Landscapes (传输)

Creating and Setting up a Business Intelligence Client in NetWeaver 2004s/7.0

How to Work with Hierarchy Authorizations

How To Do Exception Broadcasting(配置装载异常发送邮件)

8) Front Analyze

How To Add a BI Report to a Portal Page

Connecting to SAP BW with Microsoft Excel PivotTables and ODBO

Connecting to SAP BW Using Visual Basic and ADO MD

Formula Operator in BW

How To build BEx Analyzer Workbooks for Planning with Excel Design Objects


Performance Tuning for SAP BW (Document Version 2.8 May 25, 2005 )

Know-How Network Effective SAP BW System Management

Set/Reset Number Range Main Memory Buffer for a CUBE


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