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american slang(5)

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would you happen to have any friends?---你有没有没有可以介绍给姑娘们

take your pick -----随便挑吧

that was a bad line -----大多表示对女孩子的谎言

例:I didn’t give her my phone number because she used a terrible line

I’m not good at meeting girls because I don’t have any pick up lines.


ladies man

he’s a real ladies man! 非常有女人缘的男人

he is kind of a ladies man!

She’s totally believing it =buy


he said he could get me a job at his company but I don’t buy it.

He doesn’t have that much influence


it’s up to you。由你说了算。

You can have any sweater you want. It’s up to you. The color is up to you.

So what you do is up to you.

What do you mean ?你究竟是什么意思.

Can I get a minute? 等会儿

Just a minute 打电话的时候要这样说.

What’s the matter ? you sick? 可以表示对别人的关心。

What’s going on?

What’s got into you?


Can a guy propose? 求婚的意思。 例子。How did you propose to your wife?

Get engaged to 订婚 A got engaged to B

Get married to 结婚 A Got married to


why are you always busting my ass ?

busting my ass…让谁难堪/努力的干

2,Everyday ,I bust my ass I work so my family can live well

he’s very smooth with…对什么擅长

somebody is a smooth

somebody has a smooth maner

sneak ..潜入 if I come home late. I sneak into my house.

I’m so tired .i’m heading home. 回家了。我很累。 可以表示去什么地方

Heading to home/here/there 三个词不要to

Memorize 记下。背住。

I have to memorize forty vocabulary words today.



1,==give 把什么给什么人 pass somebody somthing

could you pass me that paper;

2==超过谁 move in front of

I was running as fast as I could, but that guy passed me.

3==succeed in doing

I’m free!

I’ve passed the final exams ,finally.

I’m killing you.===I’m winning by a large mrgin


I love playing cards with bob,because I kill him every time

Sharpest sharp


he is a sharp student.


that’s a really sharp looking suit

eat Chinese 吃中国菜

do you want to eat ltalian or janpanese?

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