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Next Generation ABAP Development

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This book shows advanced ABAP programmers new concepts, technologies, techniques, and functions that have been introduced to ABAP (Release 7.0) in the last few years. Based on a single real-world example that runs throughout the book - a university upgrading from SAP R/3 4.6C to SAP NetWeaver 2004s - you’ll follow along with the university’s lead ABAP developer as he develops a custom course booking system. This unique approach allows readers to view the entire process of design, development, and testing - right through the eyes of a developer. You’ll quickly familiarize yourself with all of the new possibilities in ABAP while discovering a series of actual scenarios that could easily be encountered in a real-life project. In certain areas the author also provides you with a glimpse towards upcoming ABAP releases, as well as references to former releases, as required. Highlights Include: New ABAP Workbench possibilities Strings and Binary Strings in Transparent Tables Web Service Proxies, Exposing Web Services Persistent Objects, ZIP Compression, Shared Memory Objects ABAP Unit Web Dynpro ABAP, Web Dynpro Debugger View Adobe Interactive Forms, BSP, AJAX Visual Composer, Portal Eventing, Guided Procedures

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