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FICO 面试题

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1.Using Field status, fields can be selected on surpress,required and optional mode?Is any other way to

do the same?
It can be done through transaction variants
2.In automatic payment program,after all the

payments are done,can it be reversed?
You can reverse the posted documents and reset the clearing / cancel cheques

3.In year-end closing all the balances are transfered to next year, but accidently some enteries were left

out,can they posted again?
If the periods are not closed and you are still in the finalization stage, then the answer

is yes. Otherwise it is not advisable to post, however you can.
4.Can Business area be assigned to Co.Code?

You can assign business areas to plant/division, sales area but not to company code.
5.Depreciation area:

Which depreciation will be updated in SAP:Companies Act or Income Tax-India?
Depreciation gets posted to the book

depreciation area 01 online - so it would update the Companies act relevant Depreciation. The Income tax depreciation area

also can be posted periodically if you have defined a depreciation area as per Indian Income tax act.
6.If a check is

cancelled, can the same number assigned to a new one?

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