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Hello Grace,

Thank you for your mail reply. My name is Dipankar Gupta and I am a Account Manager with ThoughtWorks Studios.
Thank you for your interest in Mingle. We are happy to see that you wish to try the tool for more than 5 users. We can provide you with a extended evaluation license key for additional 1 month for the number of users you want. However we would need more information from your side as following :-

1> Total number of users for evaluation?

2> Total number of users after eval and when you want to adopt Mingle?
3> Your present use case?
4> Company Name:-
5> Your role in the company?

6> What is the time frame. for evaluation?
7> Have the budgets been approved for the new tool adoption?

Please let me know answers to the following questions and I will generate a new license key as per your requirements and send it across. Also, I will introduce you to a local point of contact in China ( we have team in Beijing as well) and they will be able to assist you going forward ( demo/ support etc)

Looking forward to your reply
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Hi, Dipankar:

            It’s my pleasure for receiving your replay. I ‘m working for a big company as a IT team Manager. We are trying to do some revolution about our management.

Some experts advised us to use Mingle. When the Mingle is Rolled out, it brings us a great number of fresh conceptions about Project Management, so I hope that

The Mingle used by more IT engineers in our team.  

1.  The number of users around 30 .

2.  The number of users between 20 and 30 after the Mingle accepted.

3.   Almost, we adopt MS’s Project Items to manage.

4.  Foxconn

5.  Department Manager

6.  I’m not sure about that. I concentrate on its efficiency, if well, I will do that.

7.  Frankly, we don’t have the budgets about the new tool adoption at the coldest time.

Actually, we are considering some method that can bring us any changessuch as Scrum…

So we need the Licenses and more information about the Mingle.

And ,if we could  have success with Mingle . I’m sure that I can get the budgets  approved soon!

Best regards,


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