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DB2 9 install on unix for ECC6

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On AIX, make sure that you provide at least 600 MB of free space in the file system /usr/opt.


1. Log on as user root and make sure that the DISPLAY variable is set correctly.

2. Since the database software must be temporarily extracted to disk, create a temporary directory, for

example .

3. On AIX, insert and mount the RDBMS DVD to and enter the following command :


4. To start the installation, enter:


It might take a few minutes until the IBM DB2 Setup Launchpad appears.

5. To check if all operating system requirements are met, choose Installation Prerequisites.

6. Choose Install Products.

7. On the next screen, choose DB2 UDB Enterprise Server Edition and choose Next.

8. On the Introduction screen, choose Next.

9. Accept the licence agreement and choose Next.

10. Choose Typical Installation and choose Next.

11. Choose Install DB2 Enterprise Server Edition on this computer and choose Next.

12. Enter the password and user name for the DB2 Administration Server and choose Next.

13. On the Instance Setup screen, choose Do not create a DB2 instance and then Next.

14. On the Contacts screen, confirm the default values and choose Next.

15. If a warning appears that you did not set up SMTP notification, confirm.

16. On the Start copying files screen, choose Finish to begin the installation.

17. When the installation is completed, choose Finish.


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