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What is in all those X$ tables?

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may not be complete or accurate, but represents an attempt to figure out what information they contain. One should generally not write queries against these tables as they are internal to Oracle, and Oracle may change them without any prior notification.
    X$K2GTE2 Kernel 2 Phase Commit Global Transaction Entry Fixed Table
    X$K2GTE Kernel 2 Phase Commit Global Transaction Entry Fixed Table
    X$BH Buffer headers contain information describing the current contents of a piece of the buffer cache.
    X$KCBCBH Cache Buffer Current Buffer Header Fixed Table. It can predict the potential loss of decreasing the number of database buffers. The db_block_lru_statistics parameter has to be set to true to gather information in this table.
    X$KCVFH File Header Fixed Table
    X$KDNCE SGA Cache Entry Fixed Table
    X$KDNST Sequence Cache Statistics Fixed Table
    X$KDXHS Histogram structure Fixed Table
    X$KDXST Statistics collection Fixed Table
    X$KGHLU One-row summary of LRU statistics for the shared pool
    X$KGLBODY Derived from X$KGLOB (col kglhdnsp = 2)
    X$KGLCLUSTER Derived from X$KGLOB (col kglhdnsp = 5)
    X$KGLINDEX Derived from X$KGLOB (col kglhdnsp = 4)
    X$KGLLC Latch Clean-up state for library cache objects Fixed Table
    X$KGLPN Library cache pin Fixed Table
    X$KGLTABLE Derived from X$KGLOB (col kglhdnsp = 1)
    X$KGLTR Library Cache Translation Table entry Fixed Table
    X$KGLTRIGGER Derived from X$KGLOB (col kglhdnsp = 3)
    X$KGLXS Library Cache Access Table
    X$KKMMD Fixed table to look at what databases are mounted and their status
    X$KKSBV Cursor Cache Bind Variables
    X$KSMSP Each row represents a piece of memory in the shared pool
    X$KSQDN Global database name
    X$KSQST Enqueue statistics by type
    X$KSUCF Cost function for each Kernel Profile (join to X$KSUPL)
    X$KSUPL Resource Limit for each Kernel Profile
    X$KSURU Resource Usage for each Kernel Profile (join with X$KSUPL)
    X$KSQST Gets and waits for different types of enqueues
    X$KTTVS indicate tablespace that has valid save undo segments
    X$KVII Internal instance parameters set at instance initialization
    X$KVIS Oracle Data Block (size_t type) variables
    X$KVIT Instance internal flags, variables and parameters that can change during the life of an instance
    X$KXFPCDS Client Dequeue Statistics
    X$KXFPCMS Client Messages Statistics
    X$KZDOS Represent an os role as defined by the operating system
    X$KZSRO Security state Role: List of enabled roles
    X$LE Lock Element : each PCM lock that is used by the buffer cache (gc_db_locks)
    X$MESSAGES Displays all the different messages that can be sent to the Background processes
    X$NLS_PARAMETERS NLS database parameters

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