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some thougts about some work as to db admin in

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this article generally introduced the perl for Oracle,include the history of perl,fuctionality for database,DBI ,and how to get and install it in various platforms, obviously, if you want to become a skilled Oracle DBA,you should use perl;

as to our's Storage backgroud,that's a compound environment of numerous mysql boxes and some Standby Oracle DBs (after some days ), we need to resolve the data Extract,Transfer,Load (ETL) from all the mysql boxes and ÓLTP Oracle DBs to a central DW, how to incremently get the needed data? instead completely unload and load separately?

maybe,use the DBI in perl can be useful, if not, perhaps we have to develop some tools to dig the mysql's binary logs, transfer them to oracle-recognized SQLs,then apply the SQLs in the DW DB, at this point,the tools will like the replication utilities STREAMS or Shareplex, is it?

this need the DBAs in have the good knowleges about mysql and Oracle,especially, must have the hands-on c/c++ skills, OMG,so big gap between the reality and the future!

but pls DO NOT be afraid , hunter,saima,ivanqiu and so many workmates may give us wonderful helpness
and , God will bless you, boys.


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