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英语语法(2) 冠词

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1. 可数名词在表泛指时,要加不定冠词“aan”表示“一个”,“每一”相当于one或表示某一

2. a用在辅音音素(即音标中的辅音而不是辅音字母)之前,如a European scientistan用在元音音素(音标中的元音而不是指元音字母)之前,如an X?ray examination

3. 跟汉语一样,并列的两个单数名词表示一个概念,第二个名词前的不定冠词a可以省去,以避免重复


1. 一般来说,普通名词有特指和泛指,如果特指,就要加定冠词;如果泛指,可数名词前加不定冠词,或用其复数形式

2. 定冠词the主要和名词连用,表示某些特定的人或事物

3. of引起的限定性短语(作定语)所修饰的词前加the

4. 表示身体的某一部位,用the代替物主代词my, our, your, his, her

5. 表示江河海洋,海峡海湾,山脉和群岛及有些湖泊之前用the

6. 定冠词the加姓氏的复数,表示某某一家人,如果做主语,谓语动词要用复数

7. 当一个抽象名词,不表示一般的概念而是表示某一特定的内容时加定冠词the

8. 由普通名词和一些其他词构成的专有名词前加the

the People's Republic of China


1. ____rose is____beautiful flower.

2.Mr. Smith always smokes____cigarette with ____cup of coffee.

3.____door of____garage is broken.

4.____donkeys are ____ stupid animals.

5.____bread is made from ____ flour,and ____flour is made from ____wheat.

6.She is ____good musician;she plays ____piano beautifully.

7.Thousands of ____visitors go to ____Great Wall every ____day.

8.When he was enghteen,he joined ____navy.

9.He sent me ____letter and ____postcard;____letter didn't arrive.

10.Li is not at ____office;I think he's gone____home.

11.Is there ____telephone here?

12.She is studying ____English and ____French.

13.I bought ____pen and some paper,but I left____pen in ____shop.

14.____machine is made of ____steel and ____copper.

15.____honesty is ____best policy.

16.____coal is 60 dollars ____ton at the moment.

17.I stay at ____home last night and listened to ____radio.

18.We went to Paris and saw ____Palace of Versailles.

19.He goes back to ____ country to see his people once ____year.

20.____Liu's are going to ____cinema.


1.the( a),a 2.a,a 3.the,the 4.x,x 5.x,x,x,x 6.a,the

7.x,the,x 8.the 9.a,a,the 10.the,x 11.a 12.x,x 13.a,the,the

14.the,x,x 15.x,the 16.x,a 17.x,the 18.x,the 19.the,a 20.the,the

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