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ABAPTM Interview Questions (5)

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78. An IDOC structure is composed of
a) One substructure, substructure consists of several fields
b) Several segments, each segments has several data elements
c) Several substructures, each one made up of several data fields
d) Several segments, each segment consists of several data fields

79. Read the 2 statements below and pick the right answer choice
A. Archived files can be analyzed without reloading the file
B. An archived IDOC can be reloaded and then archived

a) A & B are true
b) Only B
c) Only A
d) Both are false

80. The transaction for archiving IDOC’s is

81. An IDOC contains data for 3 purchase orders (type ORDERS01, with 1 mandatory segment, 11 other segments which are permitted to be multiple). Read the following statements which could describe the content of the idoc, and pick the right combination:
A. It will have 3 control records
B. It will have 1 control record
C. It will have a minimum of 3 data records
D. It will have a minimum of 1 data record
E. It will have a minimum of 48 data records
F. It will have at least 1 status record
G. It will have at least 3 status records
a) A, C, F
b) B, C, F
c) B, C, G
d) A, E, G

82. Which of the following statements is true?
A. An IDoc type can have many messages types associated with it.
B. An IDoc can have many messages associated with it.
C. A message type can be associated with many IDoc types.
a) A and C
b) A and B
c) Only A
d) All the statements

83. Pick the right answer
A. An idoc type is dependent on the direction of data flow (inbound/outbound).
B. The control record has a field ‘DOCTYP’ which indicates whether the IDOC is of the type inbound or outbound
a) Only A is true
b) Only B is true
c) A and B are true
d) Neither A nor B are true

84. The control record field which determines the direction of the IDoc can have values
e) ‘X’ and ‘ ‘ (space)
f) ‘1’ and ‘2’,
The meaning of the values is
C. X inbound, space outbound
D. X outbound, space inbound
E. 1 inbound, 2 outbound
F. 1 outbound, 2 inbound
Pick the right combinations of statements, which are true
a) A, C
b) A, D
c) B, E
d) B, F

85. The area menu from which EDI tools can be accessed is

86. The transactions for documentation on IDOC structures are
a) WE60 to WE64
b) SA60 to SA64
c) WE80 to WE84
d) SA20 to SA24

Report Programming

87. How do you check whether a report is submitted in background?
a) The system variable, sy-batch is set to ‘X’.
b) The system variable, sy-binpt is set to ‘X’.
c) The system variable, sy-calld is set to ‘X’.
d) Not applicable

88. Which transaction code is used executing a report (type 1 program)?

a) SE38
b) SA38
c) SM38
d) All of the above

89. When is the TOP-OF-PAGE event triggered?
a) After executing first write statement in start-of-selection event.
b) At every new page in the report output
c) After the REPORT statement
d) A and B

90. Which of the following additions for SELECT-OPTIONS would disable the ranges on selection screen?

91. What is the structure for the following select-options? Select-options: zname like ztable-name.
a) zname-sign

b) zname -sign

c) zname -include

d) zname-sign

92. Following properties are given:
· Must use mara-matnr's conversion exit
· Is a required field
· Appears as 100 on the selection screen
· Check for a valid mara-matnr

Which one of the following is the correct way to define a selection-screen parameter (n) with the above properties?
a) parameters: n type I default '100'.
b) parameters: n like mara-matnr default ‘100’ obligatory.
At selection-screen on n.
Select single * from mara where matnr = n.
If sy-subrc ne 0.
Message e000(00) with 'Incorrect number'.
c) parameters: n like mara-matnr default 100 obligatory.
d) parameters: n type I default 100 required.
At selection-screen on n.
Select single * from mara where matnr = n.
If sy-subrc ne 0.
Message e000 with 'Incorrect number'.

93. Report specs call for a selection screen with 1 parameter inside a frame. Which code block will accomplish this?

a) Selection-screen begin of frame b1 with frame title t-001.
Parameters: p1 like ztable-field1.
Selection-screen end of frame b1.

b) Selection-screen begin-of-frame b1 with frame title t-001.
Parameters: p1 like ztable-field1.
Selection-screen end-of-frame b1.

c) Selection-screen begin-of-block b1 with frame title t-001.
Parameters: p1 like ztable-field1.
Selection-screen end-of-block b1.

d) Selection-screen begin of block b1 with frame title t-001.
Parameters: p1 like ztable-field1.
Selection-screen end of block b1.

94. Which return code is associated with a failed authority check due to lack of user authorization for the chosen action?
a) 0
b) 4
c) 8
d) 12

95. You are required to create a selection screen with 1 input parameter: A date range which defaults to the last 1 week (today-7,today)

Which is the correct block of code for the above request?
a) select-options: s_date type date.

Move: sy-datum to s_date-high,
sy-datum - 7 to s_date-low.
Append s_date.

b) select-options: s_date for sy-datum.

Move: sy-datum - 7 to s_date-low,
sy-datum to s_date-high.
Append s_date.

c) select-options: s_date type d default sy-datum - 7, sy-datum.

d) select-options: s_date for sy-datum default sy-week,

96. Which one of the following statements is a valid use of the write command?
a) write text(3)(4).
b) write text(3)4.
c) write text+(3)(4).
d) write text+3(4).

97. When using an edit mask, which one of the following fields will be output with a leading sign?
a) field1 using edit mask '**_LLV'
b) field1 using edit mask 'RR__,_'
c) field1 using edit mask 'LL__,_'
d) field1 using edit mask 'V__'

98. For the events in Classical Reports :
1. Initialisation
2. At Selection Screen
3. Start Of Selection ( Get & Get Late in case of Logical Database )
4. End of Selection
5. Top of Page
6. End of Page
sequence of calling is :
a) 1,2,3,4, 5, 6
b) 2,1, 3,4, 5, 6
c) 1,2, 5, 6, 3,4
d) 2,1, 5, 6, 3,4

99. The sequence of events in Interactive Reports is
1. At Line Selection
2. At User Command
4. Get Cursor
5. Read

a) 1,2,3,4, 5
b) 1,2,3,5, 4,
c) 1, 2, 4, 5, 3
d) 1, 3, 5, 4, 2

100. What is max no of lists u can attach to basic list?(interactive report)
a) 22
b) 20
c) 18
d) 1

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