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Manually Removing all Oracle Components from NT / 2000 [akadia]

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This important Tip was published on Oracle Metalink.

If you have many Oracle Releases and Tools on your NT or W2000 Workstation, you may encounter problems to deinstall all of them with the Oracle Installer. It may be necessary to do a manually Deinstallation.

This article describes the procedure how to manually perform the actions to create a "clean machine" on Microsoft Windows NT/2000 and how to manually remove all Oracle components (e.g.: oracle RDBMS database server, IAS, OEM, client installations, etc) and services from your computer.

Removing Components on Windows NT/2000

To remove all Oracle components from a computer on Windows NT/Windows 2000:

  • Check privileges

Ensure you are logged in as a user with Administrator privileges.

  • Stop all Oracle services (if any are running)

NT: Choose Start > Settings > Control Panel > Services.
2000: Right click My Computer > Manage > Services and Applications > Services

If any Oracle services (their names begin with Oracle) exist and have the status Started, select the service and click Stop.

Click Close to exit the Services window.

Close the Control Panel/Computer Management window.

  • Remove the following entries in the Windows registry

Start the registry editor:
Choose Start > Run > regedt32


Note the value of the key INST_LOC, this is the location of the Oracle Universal Installer. The default location is C:Program FilesOracleInventory. If this value is different, make note of it, so we can delete these files later. Delete this ORACLE key.


Expand all subkeys and remove all keys under here which are related with the
"Oracle ODBC Driver"


Remove all keys under here that begin with ORACLE or ORAWEB.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesEventLog... Application

Remove all keys under here that begin with ORACLE.


Remove any entries related to Oracle.


Remove all keys that begin with Oracle, OraPerf or OraOLEDB

Close the registry.

  • Clean up the environment settings

NT: Choose Start > Settings > Control Panel > System > Environment tab
2000: Choose Start > Settings > Control Panel > System > Advanced tab > Environment variables.

At "System Variables" click on the variable PATH in order to modify
the value. For example, you may see a path similar to this one:

If an %ORACLE_HOME% was installed, remove this %ORACLE_HOME%BIN

If JRE was installed by Oracle, remove the JRE path.

If there is a CLASSPATH variable under "System Variables", first make note of the path defined, then delete it. This variable can be added back at a later date if needed.

Check if there are any other Oracle variables set in "System Variables", ORACLE_HOME, ORACLE_SID or TNS_ADMIN. If these exist, delete them also.

Click on APPLY and OK.

Close the Control Panel window.

  • Delete the software and icons

NT: Choose Start > Programs > Windows NT Explorer.
2000: Choose Start > Programs > Accessories > Windows NT Explorer.


(Note: These locations depend on whether OS was upgraded from NT,
or this was a fresh install of 2000)

and delete the following icons:

  • Oracle - HOME_NAME

    where HOME_NAME is the previous Oracle home name.
  • Oracle Installation Products

Go to SYSTEM_DRIVE:Program FilesOracle or the location of INST_LOC as
noted earlier and delete this directory.

Go to SYSTEM_DRIVE:Temp and delete all files and directories in here.

Go to the drive where the Oracle software is installed on your machine and delete all ORACLE_BASE directories on your hard drive.

Close the Windows NT Explorer.

  • Finish the removal

Empty the recycle bin
Right click on recycle bin > Empty Recycle Bin.

Reboot your computer

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