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SAProuter Installation

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  1. Create the subdirectory SAProuter in the directory /usr/sap/.    
  1. Download the latest version from
  1. Copy programs 'saprouter' and 'niping' into the   directory /usr/sap/saprouter.      
  1. Add the following lines to the file /users/adm/startsap__ before the lines '#Start OS-Collector    
    # Start saprouter                                                 
    if [ -f $SRDIR/saprouter ];then                                  
       echo "\nStarting saprouter Daemon "   tee -a $LOGFILE         
       echo "                            "   tee -a $LOGFILE         
       $SRDIR/saprouter -r -W 30000 -R $SRDIR/saprouttab \           
                        tee -a $LOGFILE &                            

This entry automatically starts the SAProuter during the system  start and it ensures that the SAProuter is always started. Since the  SAProuter should continue to run after R/3 is shut down no  respective entry is included in the Stopsap Script. If you boot the   R/3 several times, the system displays error messages when the   SAProuter is started. You can ignore these error messages. The entry  of the SAProuter in the Startup Script. is a recommendation.

  1. However,  you can also start the SAProuter manually using  saprouter -r                                                     

The corresponding routing table must be maintained in                
If you do not want an authorization check use the line 'P  * * *'.   

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