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Oracle Secure Backup 10.3

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本教程介绍如何安装 Oracle 安全备份以及如何配置它以与 RMAN 无缝集成。您将使用不同的界面以熟悉它们。 完成本教程后才可学习所有其他 Oracle 安全备份 10.3 教程。
1、 可以访问或已经使用 Oracle 企业管理器数据库控制台在 Linux 32 上安装了 Oracle 数据库 10g或者11g。— 在数据库安装过程中,您需要知道 Oracle 用户 SYS 的口令(称为 SYS_password)和 OS 用户帐户 oracle 的口令(称为 host_password)。
2、 确保数据库在 listener.ora 文件中有一个静态项。(您可以使用 netmgr 实用程序完成这一工作)。
3、 可以访问或已经安装了示例模式。
4、 可以访问 Oracle 安全备份 10.3 软件。可以从以下链接 下载。这里的存放目录是root家目录。
安装 Oracle 安全备份软件
(1)、以 root 用户身份执行以下命令,创建 OSB 主目录:
[root@oracle ~]#mkdir -p /usr/local/oracle/backup
(2)、浏览至您的 OSB 主目录:
[root@oracle ~]#cd /usr/local/oracle/backup
[root@oracle ~]#ln -s /bin/gunzip /bin/uncompress
(4)、在您的 OSB 主目录中,以 root 用户身份启动 Oracle 安全备份的安装。
[root@oracle backup]# /root/osb-
Welcome to Oracle's setup program for Oracle Secure Backup. This
program loads Oracle Secure Backup software from the CD-ROM to a
filesystem directory of your choosing.
This CD-ROM contains Oracle Secure Backup version
Please wait a moment while I learn about this host... done.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
1. linux32
administrative server, media server, client
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Loading Oracle Secure Backup installation tools... done.
Loading linux32 administrative server, media server, client... done.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Oracle Secure Backup has installed a new obparameters file.
Your previous version has been saved as install/obparameters.savedbysetup.
Any changes you have made to the previous version must be
made to the new obparameters file.
Would you like the opportunity to edit the obparameters file
Please answer 'yes' or 'no' [no]: yes       //输入yes继续
Please edit the obparameters file.
When you are ready to continue:
1. log in as (or 'su' to) root
2. cd to /usr/local/oracle/backup
3. run install/installob
[root@oracle install]# ./installob
Welcome to installob, Oracle Secure Backup's installation program.
For most questions, a default answer appears enclosed in square brackets.
Press Enter to select this answer.
Please wait a few seconds while I learn about this machine... done.
Have you already reviewed and customized install/obparameters for your
Oracle Secure Backup installation [yes]? yes    //输入yes继续
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Oracle Secure Backup is not yet installed on this machine.
Oracle Secure Backup's Web server has been loaded, but is not yet configured.
Choose from one of the following options. The option you choose defines
the software components to be installed.
Configuration of this host is required after installation completes.
You can install the software on this host in one of the following ways:
(a) administrative server, media server and client
(b) media server and client
(c) client
If you are not sure which option to choose, please refer to the Oracle
Secure Backup Installation Guide. (a,b or c) [a]?    //首先,要安装管理服务器。输入 a 完成这一步。
Beginning the installation. This will take just a minute and will produce
several lines of informational output.
Installing Oracle Secure Backup on oracle (Linux version 2.6.18-194.el5)
You must now enter a password for the Oracle Secure Backup encryption
key store. Oracle suggests you choose a password of at least 8
characters in length, containing a mixture of alphabetic and numeric
Please enter the key store password:    //输入密码,至少8位
Re-type password for verification:        //验证密码
You must now enter a password for the Oracle Secure Backup 'admin' user.
Oracle suggests you choose a password of at least 8 characters in length,
containing a mixture of alphabetic and numeric characters.
Please enter the admin password:       //设置管理员admin密码,至少8位
Re-type password for verification:       //验证密码
You should now enter an email address for the Oracle Secure Backup 'admin'
user. Oracle Secure Backup uses this email address to send job summary
reports and to notify the user when a job requires input. If you leave this
blank, you can set it later using the obtool's 'chuser' command.
Please enter the admin email address: //可有可无
generating links for admin installation with Web server
updating /etc/
checking Oracle Secure Backup's configuration file (/etc/obconfig)
setting Oracle Secure Backup directory to /usr/local/oracle/backup in /etc/obconfig
setting local database directory to /usr/etc/ob in /etc/obconfig
setting temp directory to /usr/tmp in /etc/obconfig
setting administrative directory to /usr/local/oracle/backup/admin in /etc/obconfig
protecting the Oracle Secure Backup directory
creating /etc/rc.d/init.d/observiced
activating observiced via chkconfig
initializing the administrative domain
****************************** N O T E ******************************
On Linux systems Oracle recommends that you answer no to the next two
questions. The preferred mode of operation on Linux systems is to use
the /dev/sg devices for attach points as described in the 'ReadMe'
and in the 'Installation and Configuration Guide'.
Is oracle connected to any tape libraries that you'd like to use with
Oracle Secure Backup [no]?           //默认即可,输入no
Is oracle connected to any tape drives that you'd like to use with
Oracle Secure Backup [no]? no     //默认即可,输入no
Installation summary:
Installation Host OS Driver OS Move Reboot
Mode Name Name Installed? Required? Required?
admin oracle Linux no no no
Oracle Secure Backup is now ready for your use.
这个界面就是OSB自带的apache服务所监听的,也可以在其他机器上通过https://IP or hostname访问:
由于Oracle Secure Backup本身不支持备份到磁盘的功能.,所以只能到这里结束了。

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