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votingdisk and ocr作用

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the voting file is essentially used by the cluaster synchronization services daemon for nodes moitoring information across the cluster.its size is set to around 20m.

  the oracle cluter regidtry(ocr) file is also a key component of the crs.its maintians information about the high-availability componnrnts int your cluster such as the cluster node list,cluster database instance to node mapping,and crs application resource profiles(such as services,virtual interconnect protocol address,and so on).the file is maintained automatically by administrative tools such as srvctl.its size is around 100m.
  the name of the configureation file is ocr.loc.and the configureation file variable is ocrconfig_loc.the location for cluster repository is not restricted to raw can put ocr on shared storage that is managed by a cluster file system.

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