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Availability check

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Before you start production, you have the option of checking whether all the material components production resources and tools (PRTs) assigned to a production order are available on the calculated requirements dates.
The availability check can be carried out at plant, or at storage location level. At which level the check is actually carried out depends on the data maintained in the material component and the checking scope: If a storage location is specified in the reservation, the check is carried out at storage location level, unless the checking scope specifies that the check should always be carried out at plant level

To check the availability of components, you can either use an overall check or individual checks:

An overall check determines the availability of all components within an order/ collective order. It can be carried out automatically, or you can trigger it manually.
An individual check determines the availability of a single component. t can only be triggered manually
You can specify in Customizing whether an availability check is to be carried out automatically. You can also specify when the checks are to be carried out. You can specify, for example, that the check is to be carried out automatically during order creation or order release. In addition, you can specify that the availability check is to take place when a created or released order is saved. You make these setting in Customizing for Shop Floor Control by choosing Operations ® Availability Check ® Define Checking Control.

If the check determines in an overall check that a material component is not available on the required date, the system activates the status "missing part" in the order header. An overall check or an individual check can also deactivate the status "Missing part", if the check determines that the required quantity of all component has since become available

Now, in MM03 MRP3 view you have the availabilty check indicator.It is configured under scope of check in OPJJ under the checking rule
1.Indicator 01 : Daily Requirement availability check
2.Indicator 02 : Individual Requirement

Both of the availabilty check will do the material availabilty check in Stocks like safety stock,blocked stok,,inward/out ward movement ,storage loaction inspection etc.
U need to assign this check in material master .
Fundamentally , this field has two uses:

1. Specifies whether and how the system checks availability and generates requirements for materials planning.
2. In Flexible Planning, defines - together with the checking rule - the different MRP elements that make up this key figure. The sum of these elements gives the key figure.

For MTO availability check is at Sales order level. Since all the production items are trigger after sales order. So the setting for this is you have to do at Requirement class Level.

Please go to IMG- Sales and distribution-Demand management- Define requirement class. where you can see settings for Availability check. Other as per MTS setting.

Below the Availability at MTS is explanied in detail

Availability check is done for component level.
If FERT material has to be assembles, it will check whether the item for FERT ie is HALB is available for FERT production are not. ( It will not do availability check for the entier BOM list )

This is done at 3 stages normally in PP

At Plan order level. After running MRP Go to Plan order change mode and do manual component check. At this time production order is not generated. So Order type will not come into picture.

The data available to the system is only material master and Plant. So it will take checking rule from plant parameter and checking group from the material master and do scope of check combining PP and 02 ( individual ) or 01 ( Daily )

Individually every sales order is checked for availability if you use ( Availaibility group 02 individual ).

All the sales order are cumulated against date and cumulatively check on daily basis for component availability if you use ( Availaibility group 01 Daily ).

If MRP group is assigned in material master it will take checking rule from MRP group assigned not from plant parameter.

Once the plan order is converted into production order at that time also Availability check is done for Availability control via order type and bussiness transaction ( 1 create ) production order create.

Then the availability check is done for availability control again at the time of production order release via order type and bussiness transaction ( 2 release ) order release.

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