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Production Order ExpectYieldVar

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This is standard practice and Sap should put a qty in that field, it is purely there to highlight to you that you are either going to end up short on what you planned to make or have excess. It calculates the variance by taking the last confirmed quantity and then using the scrap percentages on your route operations works out what you should end up with at the end. It is extremly usfull if you have a higher than expected scrap booking
early in the process because Mrp will take this into account and propose that you raise a replacement production order straight away and not wait for the production order to be complete. If this is causing you a problem i would suggest you investigate why you are getting a variance and correct the business process rather than trying to change Sap not to do this. You may find that the scrap percentages on your routes are incorrect or that the people doing the confirmations are booking the quantities incorrectly.

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