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Problem Description:
        ORA-600 errors are internal exceptions handled by the RDBMS
        Kernel.  They consist of multiple arguments, the first of
        which is an identifier.  The identifyer ranges from 1 to 32767.
        Currently Oracle8 uses up to 20000 for exceptions.
        OSS has provided an internal index of ORA-600 errors since version 7.
        Indexes exist for versions 7.2.2 and 8.0.3.
Author:  Richard Ware
Created: November 06, 1996
Updated: November 06, 1998
NOTE: | = new file for Oracle 8.
                  ORA-600 BASE INTERNAL ERROR INDEX  RDBMS VERSION 8.0.5 1st
Argument   Module       Description

                        SERVICE LAYER COMPONENT
[  1]      ksc.c        Kernel Service Component notifier.
[1XX]      ksd.c        Kernel Service Debug internal errors.
[2XX]      ksdp.c       Kernel Service Debug Parser.
[3XX]      kse.c        Kernel Service Error manager.
[5XX]      ksl.c        Kernel Service layer Latching & Wait-post Implement.
[7XX]      ksm.c        Kernel Service Memory component implementation.
[9XX]      ksp.c        Kernel Service layer system Parameters component.
[110X]     kgg.c        Kernel Generic Generic lists.
[111X]     kgss.c       Kernel Generic Service State object manager.
[115X]     ksq.c        Kernel Service enQueues.
[119X]     ksi.c        Kernel Service layer Instance locks.
[12XX]     ksu.c        Kernel Service User management.
[13XX]     ksucln.c     Kernel Service User management CLeaNup process.
[14XX]     ksa.c        Kernel Service Asynchronous messages.
[15XX]     kkxwtp.c     Kernel Kompilation pl/sql Compiler.
           kpor.c       Kernel KPO RPC callback for streaming.
[16XX]     ksb.c        Kernel Service Background processes.
[17XX]     ksk.c        Kernel Service license Key component.
[18XX]     ksim.c       Kernel Service Instance Manager (registration).
[185X]     ksfh.c       Kernel Service File i/o Helper component.
[186X]     ksfq.c       Kernel Service seQuential File i/o interface.
[19XX]     ksfv.c       Kernel Service File i/o serVer component.

                        CACHE LAYER COMPONENT
[20XX]     kco.c        Kernel Cache Op(erations).
[21XX]     kcc.c        Kernel Cache layer Control file component.
[22XX]     kcm.c        Kernel Cache Miscellaneous functions (SCN).
           kcsm.c       Kernel Cache Shared Routines.
[23XX]     kcrf.c       Kernel Cache Redo File management component.
[24XX]     kcht.c       Kernel Cache buffer Hash Table.
[26XX]     kcrfr.c      Kernel Cache Redo File Read.
           kcrfrw.c     Kernel Cache Redo File Read.
[27XX]     kcrf.c       Kernel Cache Redo File management component.
[28XX]     kcf.c        Kernel Cache Files component.
[29XX]     kcf.c        Kernel Cache Files component.
[30XX]     kcra.c       Kernel Cache Redo Application/Access.
[30XX]     kcrp.c       Kernel Cache Recovery Parallel.
[32XX]     kcb.c        Kernel Cache Buffer management Implementation.
[33XX]     kcbz.c       Subroutines for kcb (cache layer).
[34XX]     kcrr.c       Kernel Cache Redo aRchival.
[35XX]     kcbl.c       Kernel Cache Buffer Load management.
[36XX]     kcv.c        Kernel Cache recoVery component.
[37XX]     kct.c        Kernel Cache Threads component (SQL layer).
[38XX]     kck.c        Kernel Cache Compatibility segment component.
                        TRANSACTION LAYER COMPONENT
[40XX]     ktu.c        Kernel Transaction Undo.
           kql.c        Kernel SQL Library manager.
[41XX]     ktur.c       Kernel Transaction Undo Recovery.
           ktuc.c       Kernel Transaction Undo called from Cache layer.
[42XX]     ktl.c        Kernel Tranaction List blocks changed.
           ktp.c        Kernel Transaction Parallel.
[43XX]     kts.c        Kernel Transaction Segment management.
           ktscbr.c     Kernel Transaction Segment CallBack Routines.
[44XX]     ktc.c        Kernel Transaction Control.
[445X]     ktdbas.h     Kernel Transaction Distributed option BASe.
[45XX]     ktb.c        Kernel Transaction Block code.
           ktbt.c       Kernel Transaction Block Table.
           ktr.c        Kernel Transaction Read.
           ktz.c        Kernel TranZaction testing.
[46XX]     kta.c        Kernel Transaction table Access definitions.
[47XX]     kkxrd.c      Kernel Transaction DBMS_ROWID package.
           ktsfx.c      Kernel Transaction Segment dataFile eXtension mgmt.
           ktsa.c       Kernel Transaction Segment Space analysis.
           ktsb.c       Kernel Transaction Segment Bitmap management.
           ktss.c       Kernel Transaction Space management segment procedures.
[48XX]     kqr.c        Kernel SQL Row cache management component.
[49XX]     ktm.c        Kernel Transaction Monitor Component (SMON).
[50XX]     ktec.c       Kernel Transaction Extent Concurrent operations.
[51XX]     ktt.c        Kernel Transaction Table Space.
[52XX]     kta.c        Kernel Transaction table Access definitions.
           ktst.c       Kernel Transaction Temporary Sort mgmnt implementation.
[53XX]     ktef.c       Kernel Transaction Extent Flush extent map.
           ktehw.c      Kernel Transaction Extent - High Water mark operations.
[54XX]     ktein.c      Kernel Transaction Extent - INformation operations.
           kteop.c      Kernel Transaction Extent - OPerations.

                        DATA LAYER COMPONENT
[60XX]     kdi.c        Kernel Data layer Index.
           kdil.c       Kernel Data layer Index Load.
           kdis.c       Kernel Data layer Index Split.
[61XX]     kdx.c        Kernel Data indeX block.
           kdeu.c       Kernel Data Export Unload.
[62XX]     kdxt.c       Kernel Data indeX block Temporary block.
           kueuld.c     Kernel Utility Export UnLoaDer routine.
[63XX]     kdk.c        Kernal Data layer search Key.
[65XX]     kdo.c        Kernel Data Operations.
[67XX]     kds.c        Kernel Data layer Seek/Scan.
           kda.c        Kernel Data Analyze driver.
           kdu.c        Kernel Data Update.
           kdt.c        Kernel Data Table insert.
           kdc.c        Kernel Data Cluster.
           kdd.c        Kernel Data Cluster.
[68XX]     kdn.c        Kernel Data layer sequence Number generator.
           kdb.c        Kernel Data Block structure and internal manipulation.
           kdg.c        Kernel Data Gathering services.
           kdq.c        Kernel Data Query component.
[69XX]     kdbl.c       Kernel Data Block formatting Loader interface.
[70XX]     kprc.c       Kernel Programatic interface Rpi Copy routines.
[79XX]     kdl.c        Kernel Data layer LOB implementation.

                        ACCESS LAYER
[80XX]     kaf.c        Kernel Access Fetch.
[81XX]     kau.c        Kernel Access Update.
[81XX]     kkri.c       Kernel parallel create Index.
[81XX]     kdic.c       Kernel Data Index Create.
[81XX]     kdso.c       Kernel Data layer Service Object support.

[90XX]     kcl.c        Kernel Cache Lock background process.
[999X]     opigln.c     Oracle Program Interface: Get LoNg column.
[999X]     klcs.c       Kernel Loadable Character Set.
[99XX]     kkbl.c       Kernel Kompilation taBle with Lob support.

[12XXX]    rsoima.c     Kernel Row source SOrt IMplementation A.
[122XX]    opix.c       Oracle Program Interface Xfer command to remote.
           opitsk.c     Two Task Oracle Side Function Dispatcher.
           kprb.c       Kernel PRogrammatic interface Bundled operations.
           kprlob.c     Kernel Programmatic Recursive LOB functions.
           kpolob.c     Kernel KPP Lob operations.
           kpoal8.c     Kernel Programmatic Oracle ALl Version 8.
[123XX]    kkm.c        Kernel Kompilation seMantic analysis.
           apai.c       Access Path Analysis Internal.
           kkqj.c       Kernel Kompile Query Join analysis.
           kpotx.c      Kernel Programmatic OCI Transaction.
           prsc.c       PaRSe Create DataBase.
           vop.c        View OPtimize.
[124XX]    rwsdef       RoW Source DEFinitions.
           rcoima.c     Row source: COunting IMPlementation A.
           rbfima.c     Row source: BuFfer IMPlementation A
           rfuima.c     Row source: For Update IMPlementation A.
           rixima.c     Row source (IndeX) IMplementation A.
           rtb.c        Row source TaBle.
           rae.c        Row source (And-Equal) implementation.
           kxrd.c       Kernel eXecution Row source Delete.
           kxpar.c      Kernel eXecute PArtition Row sources.
           kxru.c       Kernel eXecution Row source Update.
           qkajoi.c     Query Kernel Allocation: JOIn processing.
           qkadrv.c     Query Kernel buffer Allocate DRiVer.
           msqimb.c     Make SQl Implementation B.
[126XX]    dcl.c        Drop Cluster.
           csy.c        Create SYnonym.
           cvw.c        Create VieW.
           dsy.c        Drop SYnonym.
           dtb.c        Drop TaBle.
           seq.c        SEQuence numbers.
           ctc.c        Create Table or Cluster.
           tbsdrv.c     TaBle Space execution DRiVer.
           dbsdrv.c     DataBaSe DRiVer routines.
[127XX]    rtb.c        Row TaBle sources.
           ksul.c       Kernel Service User Language manager.
           psdbnd.c     PSD bind variable management routines.
[128XX]    kkdc.c       Kernel Kompilation Dictionary support for Constraints.
           kkdl.c       Kernel Kompilation Dictionary Lookup.
           kkm.c        Kernel Kompilation seMantic analysis.
           kkn.c        Kernel Kompilation aNalyze support.
[129XX]    ddfnet.c     Dictionary DeFinition NETwork name.
[130XX]    sqn.c        SeQueNce reference parsing.
           kdic.c       Kernel Data Index Create.
           delexe.c     DELete EXEcute.
           updexe.c     UPDate EXEcute.
           insexe.c     INSert EXEcute.
           selexe.c     SELect EXEcute.
           kxcb.c       Kernel eXecute Constraints Backup.
           kxcc.c       Kernel eXecute Constraints Catch-all.
           kxcs.c       Kernel eXecute Constraints: SQL statements.
[131XX]    opiamr.c     Oracle Program Interface Archival and Media Recovery.
[132XX]    atb.c        Alter TaBle.
           ain.c        Alter INdex.
           aud.c        AUDit implementation file.
           ausdrv.c     AUdit Statement DRiVer.
           aop.c        Auditing OPtions implementation.
[133XX]    koki.c       Kernel Object Id generator.
           kkbo.c       Kernel Kompilation taBle with Object support.

                        SYSTEM DEPENDENT LAYER
[140XX]    kza.c        Kernel Zecurity layer Auditing.
[141XX]    scg.c        System-dependent Concurrency - Global locks.
[142XX]    sp.c         Unix operating System dependent Process functions.
[143XX]    ssexhd.c     System EXception Signal HanDler.
[145XX]    mem.c        MEMory component.

                        SECURITY LAYER
[150XX]    kzd.c        Kernel Security Dictionary routines.
           opilon.c     OPI LOgoN.
           kzr.c        Kernel Zecurity Resource routines.
           kzsr.c       Kernel Zecurity state for Remote logins.
[1508X]    kzl.c        Kernel Zecurity Label.
[151XX]    kkp.c        Kernel Kompilation Procedure/function/package manager.
[1516X]    kko.c        Kernel Kompile Optimizer.
[1519X]    kkocri.c     Kernel Kompile Optimizer Create Index.
[152XX]    kks.c        Kernel Kompile Shared.
[1526X]    kkdo.c       Kernel Kompilation Dictionary support for Objects.
           kkbl.c       Kernel Kompilation taBle with Lob support.
[1540X]    kky.c        Kerner Kompilation sYstem/session.
[154XX]    kkxwtp.c     Kernel Kompilation pl/sql Compiler.
[155XX]    kkrp.c       Kernel Kompile Row source: Parallelizer (DFO tree).
           kkrh.c       Kernel Kompile Row Hash source.
           kxhf.c       Kernel eXecution: Hash join File and memory management.
           kxhr.c       Kernel eXecution: Hash join Row management.
[1560X]    kkfd.c       Kernel Kompile Fast Dataflow (PQDFO tree).
[1561X]    kkfr.c       Kernel Kompile Fast (parallel) Rowid range manager.
[1564X]    kkxa.c       Kernel Kompilation eXternal dbms_Asynchrpc.
           kncd.c       Kernel replicatioN Dequeue Generic functions.
[1566X]    kkj.c        Kernel Kompiletime Job queue.
           kkjp.c       Kernel Kompiletime Job Package.
[1567X]    kkfs.c       Kernel Kompile Fast SQL generator for DFO.
[1568X]    kkrt.c       Kernel Kompile Row source Table create-as-select.
[157XX]    kxfp.c       Kernel eXecute Fast (parallel) Process and buffer
                        queue manager.
[157XX]    kxfpb.c      Kernel eXecute Fast (parallel) Buffer Allocation.
[158XX]    kxfx.c       Kernel eXecute Fast (parallel) sql eXecution.
[1581X]    kxfq.c       Kernel eXecute Fast table Queue and message queues.
[1582X]    ksxa.c       Kernel Service eXecute Affinity.
[1583X]    kxfr.c       Kernel eXecute Fast Rowid range manager.
[1585X]    kxt.c        Kernel eXecute Trigger.
           kxti.c       Kernel eXecute Trigger - Instead-of trigger.
[1586X]    kxs.c        Kernel eXecute Shared cursor.

                        DIRECT LOADER LAYER
[1600X]    opiul.c      Oracle Programmable Interface for direct Loader.
[160XX]    klc.c        Kernel Loader Column array builder.
[161XX]    klllr.c      Kernel Loader Library Logical Record.
           klcli.c      Kernel Loader C Level Interface to loader.
           klm.c        Kernel Loader Memory.
[162XX]    kql.c        Kernel SQL Library manager.
[1623X]    kqlr.c       Kernel SQL Library Remote.
[163XX]    kmc.c        Kernel Multi-stated/multi-threaded server Circuit cmpt.
           kmn.c        Kernel Multi-threaded Network layer.
           kmd.c        Kernel Multi-threaded server's Dispatcher.
           kmm.c        Kernel Multi-threaded server/dispatcher Monitor.
[164XX]    kkb.c        Kernel Kompilation taBles (internal tables).
           kqlm.c       Kernel SQL Library Multi-instance manager.
[165XX]    kqd.c        Kernel Query processing layer Dictionary management.
[1655X]    kqf.c        Kernel SQL Fixed tables/views management.
           kqfrs.c      Kernel Query Fixed tables Row Source.
           kqfp.c       Kernel Query Fixed Packages.
[166XX]    kqld.c       KQL Dictionary callbacks.
           kqls.c       Kernel SQL subordinate Set manager.
[167XX]    kqlb.c       KQL Bootstrapping Support.

                        GENERIC LAYER
[170XX]    kgl.c        Kernel Generic Library cache manager.
           kgl2.c       Kernel Generic Library cache manager.
[1709X]    kge.c        Kernel Generic Error manager.
[171XX]    kgh.c        Kernel Generic shared Heap manager.
[172XX]    kglr.c       Kernel Generic Library Remote.
[1725X]    kkxpp.c      Kernel Kompile eXecute Pipe (Private).
[1727X]    kgi.c        Kernel Generic Instantiation manager.
[173XX]    kghx.c       Kernel Generic fiXed sized sHared memory manager.
[174XX]    kgh.c        Kernel Generic sHared Heap manager. (reserved chunk)
[175XX]    kgff.c       Kernel Generic direct File i/o adaptor.
           kgk.c        Kernel Generic toKen table manager.
           kgfd.c       Kernel Generic File i/o subsystem Driver.
[176XX]    kgl3.c       Kernel Generic Library cache manager.
[1799X]    kkxwtp.c     Kernel Kompilation pl/sql Compiler.
[1799X]    plsw.c       PL/Sql Wrapper.
           p2c.c        PL/SQL to .C file.
           p2icd.c      PL/SQL compiler, creates .EX*, .C, and .H files.

                        TWO PHASE COMMIT LAYER
[1800X]    xct.c        XaCTion (TRANSaCTion) management implementation.
[1802X]    k2.c         Kernel 2-phase commit misc functions.
[181XX]    k2i.c        Kernel 2-phase commit Indoubt table interface.
[180XX]    k2g.c        Kernel 2-phase commit Global tran id (Replication).
[1804X]    k2c.c        Kernel-2-kernel Capabilities.
[1806X]    k2d.c        Kernel 2-phase commit globally unique Database id.
[181XX]    k2l.c        Kernel 2-phase commit Log records and log interface.
[1826X]    k2r.c        Kernel 2-phase commit issue multiple RPCs.
[182XX]    npi.c        Network Program Interface (two task, MTS).
           ncodef.c     Network COnnection component's ncoDEF interfaces.
[183XX]    k2s.c        Kernel 2-phase commit Server (distributed).
           k2v.c        Kernel 2-phase commit recoVery (active portion).

                        OBJECT LAYER
[190XX]    kke.c        Kernel Kompile query Engine cost engine.
[191XX]    koc.c        Kernel Object Cache manager.
           koh.c        Kernel Object Heap manager.
[192XX]    koi.c        Kernel Object Interface.
[194XX]    kot.c        Kernel Open Type Manager.
           kotg.c       Kernel Open Type Manager accessor (Get) routines.
           kokt.c       Kernel Object Kompilation Type manager.
           kokt2.c      Kernel Object Kompilation Type manager 2.
           kokt3.c      Kernel Object Kompilation Type manager 3.
[195XX]    kod.c        Kernel Object generic Data manager.
           kokd.c       Kernel Object Kernel-side Driver.
           kokn.c       Kernel Object Kernel-side Naming.
[198XX]    kokv.c       RDBMS Kernel Object Kernel-side object View support.
[197XX]    kol.c        Kernel Object c Language interface.
[199XX]    koka.c       Kernel Object Kernel-side object Access.
           kokl.c       Kernel Object Kernel-side Lob access.
           kokl3.c      Kernel Object Kernel-side temporary LOB support.
[1999X]    stsima.c     SorT Support IMplementation A.
           kksdopt.c    Kernel Kompile Smart Disk No OPtion.
[200XX]    kos.c        Kernel Object Stream interfaces for images/objects.
           kdib.c       Bitmap Index general definitions.
           kdibc.c      Bitmap Index Compression stream.
           kdibco.c     Bitmap Index Compression stream, Output.
           kdibh.c      Bitmap index Hash-table.
           kdibi.c      Bitmap index Inversion item-Table.
           kdibq.c      KDIB Queue class.
           kdibr.c      KDIB Row source utility.
           kdibl.c      KDI Bitmap index maintenance for dml and direct load.
           kkrbi.c      Bitmap index creation row source.
           kkrbo.c      KKRB Or row source.
           kkrbt.c      Kernel Kompile Row source: Bob_dylan converTor.
           kkrbu.c      KKRB Unlimited-OR row source.
           kkrbx.c      KKRB indeX (kdi) access row source.
           kkrbc.c      Bitmap index Compaction row source.
[204XX]    kkpo.c       Kernel Kompilation of Partitioned Objects.
           kkpod.c      Kernel Kompilation Partitioned Objects Dictionary.
[2042X]    kkpoc.c      Kernel Kompilation Partition Objects cursor Compile.
[205XX]    krb.c        Kernel Backup/Restore miscellenaous functions.
           krbb.c       Kernel Recovery Backup/restore Backup set creation.
           krbc.c       Kernel Recovery backup/Restore controlfile.
           krbd.c       Kernel Recovery Backup/restore Device control.
           krbi.c       Kernel Recovery Backup/restore ICDs.
           krbm.c       Kernel Recovery Backup/restore Miscellaneous functions.
           krbr.c       Kernel Recovery Backup/restore Restore.
           krby.c       Kernel Recovery Backup/Restore image copY.
           kkrba.c      KKRB AND row source.

                        REPLICATION LAYER
[210XX]    knps.c       Kernel replicatioN Parallel propagation Slave.
           kkzp.c       Kernel K(mumble) Znapshot Pl/sql interface.
           kkz.c        Kernel K(mumble) Znapshots.  Table Replication.
           kkzg.c       Kernel Kompile Znapshot Generation.
           kkxt.c       Kernel Kompilation eXternal Trigger.

                        OLTP LAYER
[230XX]    kwqa.c       Kernel OLTP Queues Administration interface ICDs.
           kwqi.c       Kernel OLTP Queues Interface.
           kwqic.c      Kernel OLTP Queue Interface Common.
           kwqid.c      Kernel OLTP Queue Interface Dequeue.
           kwqie.c      Kernel OLTP Queues Interface Enqueue.
           kwqit.c      Kernel OLTP Queues Interface Time Management.
           kwqu.c       Kernel OLTP Queue Userdata.
[248XX]    npil.c       Kernel NPI Lob functions.
[250XX]    kft.c        Kernel File management Tablespace component.

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