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成功一定有方法, 失败一定有原因.

1. Born to try! 天生我才必有用, 千金散尽还复来!

2. Self confident. You must believe in yourself that is the secret of success.

3. Set goal and deadline, master fundamental concepts first.

4. ABP: Always Be Positive. How? Problem is challenge or chance. Winners aim at the goals; losers see the obstacles.

5. Study/work hard until you succeed. Try my best to force myself to do more to improve myself everyday. [English/Oracle]

6. Prepared Resume and Interview well while studying and in advanced.

7. Never, never give up! Remember, 20/80 rule. 量变到质变. For example, 邓亚萍, the world pingpong champion and got a doctor degree in English major as well. 坚韧卓绝的人, 必能成就万事! I will be one of them.


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