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Apps Message Dictionary(转)

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Oracle Apps Message Dictionary


Oracle Apps 11i Free Training : Message Dictionary : This document discuss about message dictionary in oracle applications. It talks about the standards to be followed while defining the messages in oracle applications. It also discusses the usage of messages in the forms and concurrent programs.

Overview of Message Dictionary

Message Dictionary lets you catalog messages for display from your application without hard coding them into your forms and programs. 

Using Message Dictionary, you can:

  • Define standard messages you can use in all your applications
  • Provide a consistent look and feel for messages within and across all your applications
  • Define flexible messages that can include context–sensitive variable text
  • Change or translate the text of your messages without regenerating or recompiling your application code.

Define Messages

Following things should be complete before defining the messages.

1. Register your application. Standard applications come registered with oracle applications and hence you can skip this step if you are defining messages for any standard application.

2. Create a mesg directory under your application’s base directory (e.g $AP_TOP if application is oracle payables) where oracle application object library can store your message files.

Navigate to below mentioned path to define your messages.

Navigation – Application Developer->Application->Messages

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