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Setting Maximum SGA Size

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The SGA_MAX_SIZE initialization parameter specifies the maximum size of the System Global Area for the lifetime of the instance. You can dynamically alter the initialization parameters affecting the size of the buffer caches, shared pool, large pool, Java pool, and streams pool but only to the extent that the sum of these sizes and the sizes of the other components of the SGA (fixed SGA, variable SGA, and redo log buffers) does not exceed the value specified by SGA_MAX_SIZE.

If you do not specify SGA_MAX_SIZE, then Oracle Database selects a default value that is the sum of all components specified or defaulted at initialization time. If you do specify SGA_MAX_SIZE, and at the time the database is initialized the value is less than the sum of the memory allocated for all components, either explicitly in the parameter file or by default, then the database ignores the setting for SGA_MAX_SIZE and chooses a correct value for this parameter.


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