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About Automatic Shared Memory Management

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Automatic Shared Memory Management simplifies SGA memory management. You specify the total amount of SGA memory available to an instance using the SGA_TARGET initialization parameter and Oracle Database automatically distributes this memory among the various SGA components to ensure the most effective memory utilization.

When automatic shared memory management is enabled, the sizes of the different SGA components are flexible and can adapt to the needs of a workload without requiring any additional configuration. The database automatically distributes the available memory among the various components as required, allowing the system to maximize the use of all available SGA memory.

If you are using a server parameter file (SPFILE), the database remembers the sizes of the automatically tuned SGA components across instance shutdowns. As a result, the database instance does not need to learn the characteristics of the workload again each time the instance is started. The instance can begin with information from the previous instance and continue evaluating workload where it left off at the last shutdown.

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