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Duplicate Customer Name Prevention Is Not Working

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Duplicate Customer Name Prevention Is Not Working [ID 1302995.1]

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Applies to:

Oracle Trading Community - Version: 12.1.2 and later   [Release: 12.1 and later ]
Information in this document applies to any platform.


In R12.1.2, AR allows us to enter customers with exact same name.  Users just need to prevent multiple customers with the EXACT name.

How can this be achieved?


To prevent the multiple customer with exact same name to be created, please perform. the following:

1.) Turn on DQM (Data Quality Management) by setting the profile option HZ: Enable DQM Party Search to Yes.

2.) Create a custom match rule as follows:

-Trading Community Manager, N: Administration > DQM > Setup > Match Rules

-Query for the seeded match rule: HZ_ORG_ADV_SEARCH_RULE

-Click on Copy icon

-Define a new match rule with the following transformations changed for Attribute = Name (PARTY_NAME) under Party Entity tab:

a) Transformation = EXACT SPECIAL + WRNAMES
     Weight = 100
     Check the checkbox 'Use in Acquisition' and 'Use in Scoring' 

b) Transformation = EXACT STRING 
     Weight = 100
     Check the checkbox 'Use in Scoring'

-Click Save and Compile. Ensure the match rule compiles successfully.

2.) Set the following profile options:

HZ: Duplicate Allowed = No
HZ: Enable Duplicate Prevention at Party Creation = Person and Organization
HZ: Match Rule for Organization Duplicate Prevention =
HZ: Match Rule for Organization Simple Search =

3.) Try to create a duplicate cutomer

-Receivables Manager, N: Customers : Customers
-Enter a customer that already exists
-Click Apply. The following warning now appears:

Warning: Possible Duplicate Organizations
Option 1: Create New Organization
Option 2: Use Existing Organization -> a list of customers with exact same name will be listed

You can now choose either option: create new organization or use the existing organization. 

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