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How to register iSupport users in R12

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In Release 12 iSupport users should be registered in the iSupport homepage.  iSupport uses the iStore registration functionality. If you are also using iStore then you should use the iStore page to register iSupport users as well.  If you are just using iSupport then you can follow these steps to setup the iSupport homepage and allow users to register. 


Users should access the iSupport homepage to register for iSupport. Access to this page is provided by the GUEST user setup.  So you will need to setup the GUEST user so it has access to this page.

iSupport homepage:  http://.:/OA_HTML/ibuhpage.jsp

1. Set the following profile options:

Oracle iSupport: Authenticated Guest Responsibility >  iSupport Authenticated Guest User
Oracle iSupport: Enable Guest User > Yes
Oracle iSupport: Guest User Responsibility Name > iSupport Guest User

2. From the System Administrator responsibility, navigate to Security > User > Define form.

Query the GUEST user.
Make sure the responsibility 'iSupport Guest User' is assigned to the user.

 3. Set the profile option 'JTF_PROFILE_DEFAULT_RESPONSIBILITY' at the user level ( for the GUEST
user) to the responsibility ID of ''iSupport Guest User' . To find this you can run this query.

SQL> select responsibility_id, responsibility_name from fnd_responsibility_tl where
responsibility_name = 'iSupport Guest User';

Additional steps are required (in addition to steps above) to enable the ibuhpage.jsp
If the steps are not performed, when you call http://.:/OA_HTML/ibuhpage.jsp you will be routed to the standard signon screen.

1. set profile option JTF_PROFILE_DEFAULT_APPLICATION to 672 (iSupport) for GUEST user.

2. Check that responsibilities "iSupport Guest User" and "iSupport Authenticated Guest User" are not end dated.

3. Using CRM HTML Administrator responsibility, query up the GUEST user in Users->User Maintenance.
Then click on Roles and make sure the user has the following roles:

4. As is indicated in the R12 iSupport Implementation and Administration Guide Part No. B25891-02 Pg. 3-25. you need to have a customer associated to the GUEST user.
Usually, you will create customer called "GUEST" and then associate that to the GUEST user using System Administrator > Security > User > Define

You should now see the Register link on the iSupport homepage and should be able to register users.

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