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收藏的300首英文歌曲拿出来分享一下 [转自 PUB 外语角感谢雷锋叔叔]

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1. Because of you

2. God is a girl

3.Anyone of us

4 love story 奥斯卡 试听下载地址

1. Because of you
2. God is a girl
3.Anyone of us
4 love story 奥斯卡 试听下载地址
6 Your Song Elton John 试听下载地址
7 You Are Not Alone Michael Jackson 试听下
8 Yesterday once more carpenters 试听下载地址
9 Without You Mariah Carey 试听下载地址
10 the Wind Of Change Scorpions 试听下载地址
12 When You Believe Mariah Carey 试听下载地址
13 When A Woman Loves A Man Westlife 试听下载地址
14 When a Child is Born Johnny Mathis 试听下载地址
15 What A Wonderful World Celine Dion试听下载地址
16 we will rock you Houzeboyz试听下载地址
17 We Belong Together Mariah Carey试听下载地址
18 Wake Up Hilary Duff试听下载地址
19 Under the bridge Chili Peppers试听下载地址
20 under a volent moon black试听下载地址
21 Unchained Melody Gareth Gates试听下载地址
22 Toxic Britney Spears试听下载地址
23 Top of the World Carpenters 试听下载地址
25 the cup of life 马丁试听下载地址
26 the Sound of silence 保罗·西蒙 试听下载地址
28 The Power Of Love Celine Dion 试听下载地址
29 The Model Demolition Group 试听下载地址
30 The color of the night Lauren Christy试听下载地址
31 The Call 后街男孩试听下载地址
32 When The Angels Sing S.H.E试听下载地址
33 Tears In Heaven Gregorian试听下载地址
34 Talk Coldplay试听下载地址
35 take me to your heart Michael Jackson试听下载地址
36 Take Me Away Avril Lavigne试听下载地址
37 sweetheart Mariah Carey试听下载地址
39 stop stop stop 圣女天团试听下载地址
40 stand by me oasis试听下载地址
41 Soledad Westlifes试听下载地址
42 Smells Like Teen Spirit Nirvana试听下载地址
43 Silent All These Years Tori Amos试听下载地址
44 Shoot The moon Norah Jones试听下载地址
45 Shame ape 12试听下载地址

47 Senorita Justin Timberlake试听下载地址
48 Scarborough fair 莎拉布莱曼试听下载地址
49 say you say me Lionel Richie试听下载地址
50 Said I loved you,but I lied Michael Bolton试听下载地址
51 Rhythm Of The Rain Cascades 试听下载地址
52 purple rain Neil Zaza 试听下载地址
53 Promises don t come easy  Caron Nightingale 试听下载地址
55 Please Toni Braxton 试听下载地址
56 over my head SUM41试听下载地址
58 One Word Kelly Osbourne 试听下载地址
59 One Love Blue 试听下载地址
61 On My Way Home ENYA试听下载地址
62 nothing s gonna stop us now starship 试听下载地址
63 No Matter What Boyzone 试听下载地址
64 Never Had A Dream Come True S Club 7 试听下载地址
65 never grow old The Cranberries试听下载地址
66 Naughty Girl beyonce试听下载地址
67 My Prerogative Britney试听下载地址
68 my love Westlife试听下载地址
69 my heart will go on Celine Dion试听下载地址
70 my girl The Temptations 试听下载地址
72 Moon River Andy Williams 试听下载地址
73 Mirror Mirror M2M试听下载地址
74 maria maria santana试听下载地址
75 love is color blind Sarah Connor试听下载地址
76 Lonely Nana 试听下载地址
77 Light from a Dead Star -Lush试听下载地址
78 let me love you Mario试听下载地址
79 Larger Than Life BackStreet boys 试听下载地址
80 Just Another Day peter white试听下载地址
81 Joey theme song试听下载地址
82 it s my life bon jovi 试听下载地址
83 Incomplete Backstreet Boys 试听下载地址
84 If you leave my world Michael Learns 试听下载地址
85 If you had my love 珍尼费,洛佩兹试听下载地址
86 If I Let You Go Westlife 试听下载地址
87 I will always return bryan adams 试听下载地址

88 I Will Always Love you Whitney Houston 试听下载地址
89 I will Fall In Love Again DEACON BLUE试听下载地址
90 I Want To Know What Love Is Foreigner - 试听下载地址
91 I want it that way BackStreet Boys 试听下载地址
92 I swear kenny rogers 试听下载地址
93 I Still Believe Mariah Carey试听下载地址
94 I believe I can fly R.Kelly 试听下载地址
95 How Did I Fall in Love with Yo Backstreet Boys 试听下载地址
96 How Deep is your Love Bee Gees -试听下载地址
97 Hotel California The Eagles试听下载地址
98 Hero Mariah Carey试听下载地址
99 here without you George Michael 试听下载地址
100 here i am Mike Mareen试听下载地址
101 henry lee nickcave试听下载地址
102 Heal the world Michael jackson试听下载地址
103 He Wasn't Avril Lavigne试听下载地址
104 hand in hand Various Artist 试听下载地址
105 God Is A Girl Groove Coverage试听下载地址
106 Gloomy Sunday Sarah Brightman试听下载地址
108 get down it on montell jordan试听下载地址
109 fool again Westlife试听下载地址
110 Feel Good Inc. Gorillaz试听下载地址
111 Everybody Backstreet Boys试听下载地址
112 Dying in the sun The Cranberries试听下载地址
113 Drowning Backstreet boys试听下载地址
114 Don't have to lose Michael Lear试听下载地址
115 Thank You Dido试听下载地址
116 Dancing Queen ABBA试听下载地址
117 Creep Radiohead试听下载地址
118 Casablanca bertie higgins 试听下载地址
119 Careless Whisper Dave Koz试听下载地址
120 candle in the wind Elton John试听下载地址
121 By My Side 林一峰试听下载地址
122 Bressanon 布列瑟农 MATTHEW LI试听下载地址
123 Breathe Faith Hill试听下载地址
124 Billie Jean Michael Jackson试听下载地址
125 big big world emilia试听下载地址
126 Better man Robbie Williams试听下载地址
127 Because I love you Shakins Stevens试听下载地址
128 Beautiful Christina Aguilera Various Artists试听下载地址
129 Be Yourself Audioslave试听下载地址
130 Baby One More Time BritneySpears试听下载地址
131 As Long As You Love Me Backstreet Boys试听下载地址
132 Around The World Aqua试听下载地址
133 Anyone of Us Gareth Gates试听下载地址
134 American Life Madonna试听下载地址
135 All the Way Craig David试听下载地址
136 All Rise Blue试听下载地址
137 All out of love Air Supply试听下载地址
138 A Whole New World Peabo Bryson试听下载地址
139 a time for us ANDY WILLIAMS试听下载地址
141 A place nearby Lene Marlin试听下载地址
142 a new day has come Celine Dion试听下载地址
144 stay tonya mitchell试听下载地址
145 long long way to go! Def Leppard试听下载地址
146 do i have to cry for you nick carter试听下载地址
147 You Wanted More a-ha试听下载地址
148 when you say nothing at all boyzone试听下载地址
149 world of our own Westlife试听下载地址
150 everything i do, i do it for you bryan adams试听下载地址
151 angel Robbie Williams试听下载地址
152 come into my world Kylie Minogue试听下载地址
153 It Never Rains in Southern California Albert Hammond试听下载地址
154 Just Want You To Know Backstreet Boys试听下载地址
155 Safest Place To Hide BackstreetBoys试听下载地址
156 love in december Club 8试听下载地址
157 Leep On Loving You 欧美合辑试听下载地址
158 Proud Of You Fiona Fung试听下载地址
159 take a bow Madonna试听下载地址
160 saling 洛徳斯图尔特试听下载地址
161 Hey Jude Kareoke - Beatles 试听下载地址
163试听下载地址 years and 50 days Coverage Covergirl试听下载地址
164 May be Tomorrow Westlife试听下载地址
165 have a nice day Bon Jovi试听下载地址
167 try to remember Brothers Four试听下载地址
168 Hello Lionel Richie试听下载地址
169 She’s gone Steelheart试听下载地址
170 500 miles the brother four试听下载地址
172 right here waiting blue试听下载地址
173 Danny boy declal galbraith试听下载地址
174 Night And Day Bette Midler试听下载地址
175 the day you went away M2M试听下载地址
178 Seasons In The Sun Westlife试听下载地址
181 Written in the stars WestLife试听下载地址
182 Evergreen westlife试听下载地址
183 That s where you find love Westlife试听下载地址
184 Truly madly deeply Savage Garden试听下载地址
186 Guilty Blue试听下载地址
187 You make me wanna Blue试听下载地址
188 The answer to our life Backstreet boys试听下载地址
190 Far away from home Groove Coverage试听下载地址
191 I Believe My Heart Duncan James Keedie试听下载地址
194 Beat It Michael Jackson -试听下载地址
195 Dragoste Din Tei Ozone试听下载地址
197 Eye Of The Tiger Survivor试听下载地址
199 My Happy Ending Avril Lavigne试听下载地址
201试听下载地址 Minutes T.A.U试听下载地址
202 What will I do Cagnet试听下载地址
203 The Look Of Love Susan Wong试听下载地址
204 firefly ateens 试听下载地址
205 smooth operator sade试听下载地址
206 all Long night the corrs试听下载地址
207试听下载地址'75' the connells 试听下载地址
208 wuthering heights China Drum试听下载地址
209 Raining On Sunday Keith_Urban试听下载地址
212 You re Beautiful James Blunt试听下载地址
213 I just Call to Say Love You Stieve Wonder 试听下载地址
214 Kiss Holly Valance试听下载地址
215 I ve Never Been To Me Charlene 试听下载地址
216 Till the end David Tan 试听下载地址
217 Breathe again Juwita Suwito 试听下载地址
218 Always be my baby Mariah Carey 试听下载地址
219 I need you westlife试听下载地址
220 reflection CHRISTINA AGUIELRA试听下载地址
221 auld lang syne leo sayer 试听下载地址
222 That s My Goal Shayne Ward试听下载地址
223 Read My Mind Sweetbox 试听下载地址
224 beautiful ones 山羊皮乐队试听下载地址
225 Butterfly Mariah Carey 试听下载地址
226 Five Days Patrick Nuo试听下载地址
227 Forever Stratovarius试听下载地址
228 I Don t Want To Say Goodbye 黑豹乐队试听下载地址
229 mama Spice Girls试听下载地址
230 should it matter Sissel 试听下载地址
231 Because You Love Me celine dion 试听下载地址
232 always never Porcupine Tree试听下载地址
233 Thank you for hearing me sinead o'connor 试听下载地址
234 Puff the Magic Dragon peter paul mary试听下载地址
235 We Are The World Michael Jackson 试听下载地址
236 Take me home country road JOHN DENVER试听下载地址
237 Let it be beatles 试听下载地址
240 may it be指环王主题曲 恩雅 试听下载地址
241 Celebrate The Day Herbert Gronemey试听下载地址
243 she groove coverage试听下载地址
244 Free Loop Daniel Powter 试听下载地址
245 Bad Day Daniel Powter 试听下载地址
246 White Flag DIDO试听下载地址
247 Give A Little Love M2M试听下载地址
248 Girl In The Mirror Britney Spears试听下载地址
249 Oh my lady alice试听下载地址
250 Runaway Groove Coverage 试听下载地址
251 The time of our lives Il Divo Toni Braxton 试听下载地址
254 I could be the one Donna Lewis试听下载地址

256 Mermaid 芝华士广告歌曲 Sarah Khider试听下载地址
257 the way we are Lene Marlin 试听下载地址
258 shape of my heart Sting 试听下载地址
259 You Belong to Me Bob Dylan试听下载地址
260 Craigie Hill Cara Dillon试听下载地址
261 Skin Deep Natasha Thomas试听下载地址
262 always getting over you Angela Ammons 试听下载地址
263 as i moved on blue foundation 试听下载地址
264 Moonlight Shadow Groove Coverage试听下载地址
265 Black black heart David Usher试听下载地址
268 lost without you Delta Goodrem试听下载地址
271 Stuck in my heart C21试听下载地址
272 La Isla Bonita Madonna 试听下载地址
273 there you ll be Faith Hill 试听下载地址
274 civil war Guns N Roses 试听下载地址
275 Lark In The Clear Air cara dillon 试听下载地址
276 life is cool sweetbox 试听下载地址
277 Only Love Groove Coverage 试听下载地址
278 On a day like today Bryan Adams试听下载地址
279 Earth Song michael jackson试听下载地址
280 Stay Awhile soler试听下载地址
281 I Knew I Loved You savage garden试听下载地址
282 Blowing in the Wind Bob Dylan 试听下载地址
283 climbing the walls backstreets boys试听下载地址
284 Day Of Your Beliefs Amorphis试听下载地址
285 Boulevard of Broken Dreams green day试听下载地址
286 Tell Me Why Declan Galbraith试听下载地址
287 Don't turn off the light Enrique Iglesias试听下载地址
288 Down by Sally Garden Joanie Madden 试听下载地址
289 unbreakable westlife 试听下载地址
290 from sarah with love sarah connor试听下载地址
291 Always Somewhere scorptions试听下载地址
292 Right here right now Fatboy Slim试听下载地址
293 You Give Love A Bad Name bon jovi 试听下载地址
294 Valder Fields Tamas Wells试听下载地址
295 Uptown girl Westlife 试听下载地址
296 we are the champions Queen 试听下载地址
297 I saw you walking in the rain 不详试听下载地址
298 hi and goodbye A*Teens试听下载地址
299 Just One Last Dance Sarah Connor 试听下载地址
300 do you remember aaron carter试听下载地址
301 Gloomy Sunday billie Holiday 试听下载地址
302 A prefect Indian nead O'Connor试听下载地址
303 Tom s Diner Suzanne Vega 试听下载地址
304 I'm With You Avril Lavigne试听下载地址
305 The Girl Is Mine michael jackson试听下载地址
306 because you live Jesse McCa试听下载地址
307 loving you minnie riperton试听下载地址
309 Stan eminem试听下载地址

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