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planning security

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1) in Planning, a form. can be assigned to a view only user

2) for opening form, dimensions need to be provisioned, otherwise there

    will be error:
      Security and/or filtering has resulted in a required dimension not being represented on this data form.

3) assign planner/interactive role doesn't grant launch business rule privilege  automatically in planning, but interactive role can make user create/edit rule in EPMA

4) in planning, a rule can be assigned to a view only user to launch

5) for running rule, dimesions ( with security)  need to be provisioned:
   say, if current_forecast not provisioned, it can not be choose; but stil
   can choose Years

6) if a form. has rules associated with it, form. access cover rule access,

    which mean just need to provide rule access

7) view user and planner user seem no difference since dimension,

    form/form. directory,rule/rule directory are provisioned independent.


a few special privilege:

1) financial report: report and analysis -> content manager

2) planning cube essbase write access: planning application->analytic  services write access

3) essbase smartview: need server access to login to Oracle Essbase Server

even no essbase provisioned. Otherwise it will complain "Invalid User Credentials"

4) provider service: there are 3 categories in default:

        a) Oracle BI Server

        b) Oracle Essbase Server (server access)

        c) Oracle Hyperion planning ( planner access, and server access?)

need to add manually, like planning:

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