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planning model

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the usual planning model has:

workforce, operation cost, profit


workforce planning is for forecasting base salary, benefit, payroll tax, etc.

the driving factor is headcount and average_salary, which are based on previous month's base and adjustment ( for current_forecast month, the previous month is

actuals initialized from actual), and total could include adjustment input.  average_salary need to consider merit increase in merit month every year.

so base salary forecast is based on headcount and average salary forecast, and benefit rely on headcount and average benefit per head, which is an input. payroll tax is by base salary and payroll tax rate.


operation expense forecast include all expense ( not include product cost) forecast. Besides general expense ( employment related could imported from workforce forecasting), it also include media/advitising, billing and bank fee, etc.

expense forecast can use driver_method, which mean for current forecast month base, it could be average of previous 1, 2,3,4,etc month, base and adjustment, and total could include adjustment.

for offline model, base and adjustment could come from data form. input, e.g.,

media/advitising; for online model, it could be calcuated like utility, rent, etc.


Profit forecast is drived by sales since revenue and product cost rely on the sales




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