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dynamic calculation

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Margin[dynamic]->West[dynamic]: according to the dynamic calculation order:

 sparse->account->time->dense->two pass

 firstly, the virtual block [west] will be created in memory, then margin will

be calcuated dynamically in this block based on sales and COGS


now consider the different scenario with combinations of batch/dynamic

 calculation, dense/sparse dimension:

Margin[dynamic]->West:  West has to be aggregated before see this

Margin->West[dynamic]: Margin has to be calculated  before view this

Margin[dynamic]->Q1: Q1 need to be aggregated firstly

Margin->Q1[dynamic]: Margin need to be calculated firstly

100[dynamic]->West: West need to aggregated firstly

100->West[dynamic]: 100 need to aggregated firstly

so basically non-dynamic member need to be calculated firstly before

dynamic calculation, no matter the non-dynamic member is in dense or

sparse dimension.


as far as calculation orders inside dense dimensions (including Account and

 TIme) and sparse dimension, it has no difference between batch calculation

 and dynamic calculation:

   dense: account->time->dense dimensions along outline

   sparse: sparse dimension along outline


why dynamic calucation for sparse dimension member could have

 performance issue? say West is dynamic, everytime read West, essbase got to

 read blocks for California,Oregon,Washington, Utah, Neveda 5 blocks!  for

 var analysis of actual and forecast, it have to read actual and

 forecast  blocks firstly.

for dynamic calcuation for dense member, it's in the same block 

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