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essbase block creation

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essbase blocks are created on: ( if there is no block, no pag and ind file)

1) data load

2) aggregation/calcuation on sparse dimension

      the block number created by agg, say agg(location) is dependent on the number of members of other sparse dimenion.

     This also include if a member with formula with "dynamic calc and store",

for example, Variance (@var(actual, budget)). everytime you view a block

which has Variance, the block will be created. for example: 100-30->california->Variance



3) datacopy


a) set a sparse member to a constant:


this will create a lot of blocks include upper layer blocks.

use cleardata budget and clearblock empty to remove extra blocks, but pag

files are still there. the reason is clearblock just blank out pointers in ind file.

so the cleared blocked marked free. a essbase restructure will shrink the pag file


  if use:

FIX(FY09,"L_101601","E_A45","H_Master Distributor",NO_Department,"P_VOICE_PI", final)

all are sparse dimension member, will only create 1 block

b) set a sparse member to a non-constant :


no need to "set createblockoneq on"

5) submit data through smartview

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