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BSO or ASO essbase

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ASO is good due to its speed, less space, etc. but it has many limitations.
for a reporting cube, the first choice should be ASO.

Now if a reporting cube has time-balance set, which require TIME dimension
to be stored, which mean no formula allowed in TIME dimension, this make
YTD, QTD almost impossible, in this scenario, BSO is better choice
a few points about ASO/BSO cube:
1) for ASO cube, account and attribute dimension don't have hierarchy info
   hierarchy include stored, dynamic, and multiple hierarchies
2) for ASO cube, formula only allowed on account and dynamic hierarchy
3) for BSO member, member dataStorage can have all types,including "dynamic calc" and "dynamic calc and store"
   for ASO member, only "store data" "never share" "label only" "shared member"
4) Aggregate storage outlines require non level-0 members in accounts dimension to be either non-stored members or have internal/external formula
  ( have to use LabelOnly for Subscriber_Metrics, never share not working)
Ensure that all non level-0
members in the accounts
dimension and in dynamic
hierarchies are tagged as
label only, have a child that
rolls up, or have a member
5) labelonly member can not have a formula with it 
6) level 0 member can not be defined label only

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