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GoldenGat在win 7平台出错

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在源端的error log中一直出现

error 13 (Permission denied) opening redo log C:\ORACLE\ORADATA\ORCL\REDO03.LOG for sequence 36.

在Oracle的论坛中找到了解决办法。因win7的redo log的默认权限被改变了,所以一直会碰到这个错误。推荐解决方案是将MGR安装为windows的service.

On windows 2008 or Windows 7, the default permission for Oracle online redo log is changed. Therefore, the other users cannot read them.

1. install GG service (e.g., "install ADDSERVICE"). 
The installation will require administrator privilege. After the installation, starting the manager by service (not from ggsci command line). Then, the extract may be started and able to read redo logs. This is the preferred way.

2. Start manager/extract processes as administrator.
Right click 'cmd' program (DOS), select 'run as administrator'. Then starting manager and extract will give the extract the permission to read redo logs. 

3. Change online redo log files permission
Add read permission on all the redo logfiles to the user who will start up the manager and extract. 
right click the file ->property->security->Edit->add
This may have side effects on database security, and is not recommended in production environment.

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