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Oracle 1Z0 053 Q132(RMAM Intrafile)

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132.You are managing an Oracle Database 11g database. You want to take the backup of MULT_DATA, a
big file tablespace of size 100 TB on tape drive, but you have tapedrives of only 10 GB each. Which
method would accomplish the task quickly and efficiently?
A. parallel image copy backup
B. backup with MAXPIECESIZE configured for the channel
C. parallel backup with MAXPIECESIZE configured for the channe
D. intrafile parallel backup
Answer: D

Intrafile是Oracle 11G新增的特性,可以用于对超大型文件的并行备份与还原。

RMAN provides a wealth of new functionality including (i) backup performance improvement with intrafile parallelism and faster backup compression algorithm, (ii) enhanced security for recovery catalog users, (iii) reduced space consumption for RMAN duplicate database cloning, and (iv) better manageability for Data Guard environments. 

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