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Definition of Personal sub-area

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Personnel sub-areas represent a further subdivision of the personnel area. The principal organizational aspects of human resources are controlled at this level, namely the pay scale and wage type structures and the planning of work schedules.


The main organizational functions of the personnel sub-area are as follows:

· To specify the country grouping. Master data entry and the setting up and processing of wage types and pay scale groups in payroll depend on the country grouping.

· To define a public holiday calendar.

· To set groupings for Time Management so that work schedules and substitution, absence and leave types can be set up for individual personnel sub-areas.

· To generate a default pay scale type and area for an employee’s basic pay.

· To define sub-area-specific wage types for each personnel area.

· It is a selection criterion for reporting.

· It constitutes a unit in authorization checks.

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