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Be Appreciative of their warning in the dream

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I had a hideous dream last night. Following is it:

“I know there are always some differences of opinion between my father and my grandmother. But I do always not bear this in mind.

My grandmother is a superstitionist. She often does some superstitious behavior and always wastes money because of this faith.

One day, I came back to my home and found my grandmother knelt down. All of my families were very angry. They argued about something. I immediately knew it comes again – the point is money. Because of my grandmother’s ridiculous behavior, we did not give her any money after we found that she always would rather paid money for her ridiculous behavior than improve her life conditions. We bought everything for her, but never gave her money. So she felt very sad and argue with us sometimes.

But I usually gave some money to her without being known by my parent. I knew it is not right behavior, but I could always not help myself.

Now it is happened again. I walked to grandmother. I am very shocked because grandmother knelt down the ground where it is near by the river. It looked like she wanted to do some impulsive action. So I walked to her quickly, and seated down beside her.

The horrible thing happed at that time. My grandmother became into an evil spirit. And another one who became from a little girl came to my back at the same time. Both them have a couple of big bottle-green eyes in their narrow face and a pair of tongs in their mouth.

I could do nothing before they assaulted me suddenly, because I never thought it would be like this. I known they wanted to twist off my neck with their tongs and kill me. The shock left me numb.

I thought I would die at that time, but some sounds delayed their actions. And then, I got a chance to counterattack them. I hold their neck and put their tongs into together. They twisted off themselves tongs each other, and I also wrung their neck. Then I woke up.”

The damn hideous dream is over now. But I still remember the sounds which saved my life at the dangerous time. I can feel them now. The first sounds come from my parents and young brother. And the Second sounds come from my wife and the last one come from a security place where I do not know.

It is so true and clear feeling which I can feel. I know it is love which comes from my parent and wife. I am also so happy and proud of it. It is the most valuable treasure for me in the world. I am so rich.

In the other hand, I felt some warning which comes from this dream. I always ignore that I made a mistake. I indulge my grandmother too much. It is bad for her. She will never break her habit if I keep up giving her money which should not be given. In her opinion, it would rather be a right action than a superstitious behavior. The point is she always found somebody was helping her, and it is me. I know I am wrong now. So I decide to stop this stupid help.

Maybe they want to warn me in this dream. It is a great. Because I found more from the bad dream.

It is love--the most valuable treasure for me in the world—which come from my families.


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