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Installation of SAP Best Practices Content (From SAP)

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Identify which SAP Best Practices version is relevant for the implementation project. There are SAP Best Practices versions for baseline, industry and cross-industry content available. If the description contains a country then this version is only localized for this country.
For details about the SAP Best Practices content please see SAP Help Portal (
à SAP Best Practices).

Download all files for the relevant SAP Best Practices version into one single directory. Some versions are consisting of more than one file, i.e. the transport file is split into several files because of the size.

For unpacking the files an archiving tool is required that supports the format RAR.
After unpacking you will get a SAP transport file in the SAR format.

Upload this file into the SAP Solution Manager system as described in SAP note 629829.

By the way, there are some add-ons need to be installed before the importing


1.1 Installation of SAP Best Practices Content

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