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Basic componets of SAP R/3

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1) SD (sales & distribution)

a) Pre-sales support

b) Inquiry processing

c) Quotation processing

d) Sales order processing

e) Delivery processing

f) Billing

g) Sales Information System

2) PP (production planning)

a) Bills of Material

b) Routings

c) Work centers

d) Sales and Operations Planning (SOP)

e) Master Production Scheduling (MPS)

f) Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

g) Shop floor control (SFC)

h) Production orders

i) Product costing, activity-based costing

j) Repetitive manufacturing

3) MM (material management)

a) Material procurement (purchasing)

b) Inventory management

c) Reorder point processing

d) Invoice verification

e) Material valuation

f) Vendor evaluation

g) Purchasing Information System (PurchIS) and Inventory Controlling Information System

4) FI (finance)

a) General ledger

b) Accounts payable

c) Accounts receivable

d) Special Purpose Ledger (FI-SL)

e) Legal Consolidation

f) Accounting Information System

5) CO (cost )

a) Cost center accounting

b) Product costing analysis

c) Profitability analysis

d) Profit center accounting

e) Activity based costing

f) Enterprise controlling

6) AM (asset management)

a) Technical asset management and plant maintenance

b) Maintenance

c) Repair

d) Investment control

e) Sale of assets

f) Traditional asset accounting

g) Asset replacement

h) Depreciation

i) Investment management

7) PS (project system)

a) Funds and resource management

b) Quality control

c) Time management

d) Project Management Information System

8) QM (quality management)

a) Quality inspection

b) Quality planning

c) Quality Management Information System (QMIS)

9) HR (human resource)

a) Personnel administration and payroll accounting


Time management

Travel expense accounting



Personnel administration

b) Personnel planning and development

Workforce planning

Training administration

Organization management

Personnel planning

Human Resources Information System

10) PM (plant maintenance)

a) Processing of unplanned tasks

b) Service management

c) Maintenance notification by date or counters

d) Maintenance planning

e) Maintenance bills of material

f) Plant Maintenance Information System (PMIS)

11) WF (work flow)

12) IS (industry solutions)

a) Consumer Packaged Goods

b) Utilities & Telecommunications

c) Healthcare

d) Process Industries (chemical and pharmaceutical)

e) Oil and Gas

f) High Tech & Electronics

g) Automotive



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