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Simple definition of SAP productions

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1) mySAP Business Suite: Family of adaptive business applications, providing best-of-breed functionality built for complete integration, industry-specific functionality, unlimited scalability, and easy collaboration over the Internet, including ERP, CRM, PLM, SCM and SRM

2) ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), or R/3, the kernel of mySAP Business Suite, twelve modules to deal with most of business in a enterprise, human resource, logistics and finance

3) CRM (Customer Relationship Management): Providing companies with the customer-centric solutions they need to plan, build, and maintain profitable customer relationships

4) PLM (Production Life Management): Integrated product life-cycle management software - a single source of all product-related information needed for collaborating with business partners and supporting processes including product innovation, design and engineering, quality and maintenance management, and control of environmental issues

5) SCM: Managing the flow of products and services and the associated information across the business system to maximize value to the end consumer

6) SRM: Maximizing the return on relationship with all suppliers across all categories of spending on a continuous basis.

7) mySAP All-in-one: built on a foundation of mySAP Business Suite applications and SAP Best Practices offerings, are developed, offered, implemented, and supported by SAP certified partners -- all in a single, affordable package

8) SAP Business One: An integrated, affordable, business management application built from the ground up to meet immediate and long-term business needs. It provides a true and unified view of operations across customer relationship management, manufacturing, and finance

9) BW: SAP Business Information Warehouse is a robust and scalable data warehouse and forms the foundation of the mySAP Business Intelligence solution. SAP BW has recently come to the fore as a valuable tool for developing data warehouses that accurately and effectively support critical business decision making. It facilitates easy-to-use and high-performance extraction, transfer, transformation, and loading of data from a variety of data sources, including such comprehensive business management systems as SAP R/3.

10) CFM: SAP Corporate Finance Management (SAP CFM) is a comprehensive package for managing financial resources and analyzing and optimizing financial business processes. It helps implement forward-looking company strategies and focused risk management.

11) APO: SAP Advanced Planner & Optimizer (APO), basis of SCM, APO provides planning; R/3 provides execution functionality; BW provides data warehousing and reporting.

12) Netweaver: SAP NetWeaver is the next-generation services-based platform that will serve as the foundation for all future SAP applications. NetWeaver comprises several technologies and components: a portal framework, business intelligence and reporting, Business Process Management (BPM), integration, Master Data Management (MDM), a common run-time application server, and the SAP application development and management platform.

13) ASAP: A methodology to facility SAP project implementation. Accelerated SAP methodology is proven, repeatable and successful approach to implement SAP solutions across industries and customer environments. Accelerated SAP provides content, tools and expertise from thousands of successful implementations.

14) Solution Manager: SAP Solution Manager is the central integrated platform for efficient implementation and operation of SAP solutions Central monitoring platform Service Level Management, System Monitoring, Business Process Monitoring, Central System Administration

15) Best Practice: SAP Best Practices empower your company with: 1)A proven methodology that leverages a prototype approach to implementation 2)Thoroughly documented scenarios – from both a business and a technical perspective 3)Proven preconfigurations of SAP solutions 4)Benefits for companies of any size, for both new and existing customers – so you can easily adapt techniques to meet your specific requirements or use them as a starting point for customized ASP or hosted solutions

16) ABAP: Advanced Business Application Program. ABAP is a programming language for developing applications for the SAP R/3 system


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