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HP RX6600备件号

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Sapphire / rx6600 / AB464A 

PCA, IO Backplane PCI-X         AB463-69034   #contains only PCI-X slots
PCA, IO Backplane PCI-X         AB463-69035   #Firmware for Montvale CPUs installed

!!!! replacement only old - old and new - new      !!!!
!!!! Hardware paths changed with new type          !!!!
!!!! find if old or new style. with the DF command  !!!!
PCA, IO Backplane PCIe          AB463-69060   #old PCIe Backplane with PCIe switch 1.0
                                              #FRUID Product Name: 10 Slot PCI-E IOBP
PCA, IO Backplane PCIe          AB463-69061   #old PCIe Backplane with PCIe switch 1.0
      #Firmware for Monvale CPUs installed
PCA, IO Backplane PCIe          AB463-69161   #new PCIe Backplane with PCIe switch 1.1
                                              #FRUID Product Name: 10 Slot PCI-E 1.1 IOBP
                                              !!! new HW pathes for slot #3 and #4
              # 0/6/0/0/0/0/X/0/0             !!! 1.0 : Slot 3: X=1, Slot4: X=0
                                              !!! 1.1 : Slot 3: X=4, Slot4: X=2

The IO Backplane is also referred to as RUSA Common I/O Board or PCI Card Cage in some documents  

PCA, Processor Board            AB464-69102
PCA, Interconnect Board         AB464-67006
PCA, Display Board              AB463-67020
PCA, Midplane                   AB464-67003

CPU Module 1,4GHz/12MB          AB576-69017     Itanium Dual Core Montecito
CPU Module 1,6GHz/18MB          AB577-69018     Itanium Dual Core Montecito
CPU Module 1,6GHz/24MB          AB578-69019     Itanium Dual Core Montecito
CPU Module 1,4GHz/12MB          AD390-69001     Itanium Dual Core Montvale 9120N       
CPU Module 1,6GHz/18MB          AD389-69001     Itanium Dual Core Montvale 9140N       
CPU Module 1,6GHz/24MB          AD388-69001     Itanium Dual Core Montvale 9150N

24-DIMM Memory Carrier          AD126-69001
48-DIMM Memory Carrier          AD127-69001

512MB DIMM DDR2                 AB563-69001
1GB DIMM DDR2                   AB564-69001    old part#; use till gone; see Note below
1GB DIMM DDR2                   AB564-69002    new part#; min SFW required 3.01; see Note below
2GB DIMM DDR2                   AB565-69001    old part#; use till gone; see Note below
2GB DIMM DDR2                   AB565-69002    new part#; min SFW required 3.01; see Note below
4GB DIMM DDR2                   AB566-69001    old part#; use till gone; see Note below
4GB DIMM DDR2                   AB566-69002    new part#; min SFW required 3.01; see Note below
Note: Old and new 1, 2 & 4GB DIMMs can be mixed, but SFW 3.01 is needed for new DIMM parts.
See also ENGINEERING NOTICE c01290203 "rx2660, rx3600, rx6600, BL860c - 1GB, 2GB, 4GB DIMM Transition"

Dual Port 1GB LAN               AB352-67003     default in Slot 2
UCIO / MP (Core IO) with VGA    AB463-67103     also replacement part for UCIO w/o VGA
Core IO Battery   234556-001 MP Battery on the Core IO
Serial Attach SCSI Adapter      435709-001      default in Slot 1 (SAS controller)
SAS RAID Controller P600        370855-001      default in Slot 1
256MB Mem. for P600             309522-001
Battery for P600                307132-001

SAS Raid PCIe Ctrl P800         398647-001      PCI-Express backplane neededG
DIMM,DDR2,MOD,512 MB for P800   398645-001
DIMM,DDR2,MOD,256MB for P800    398644-001
DIMM,DDR2,MOD,1 GB for P800     398646-001
BATTERY CHARGER,MOD for P800    398648-001

SAS disk backplane board        AB463-67006

SCSI Devices

432322-001  36G 15k single-port
418397-001  36G 15K dual-port

36GB SAS Disk 10k               376596-001 
36GB SAS Disk 15k               432322-001 Single Port SAS Disk
36GB SAS Disk 15k 418397-001 Dual Port SAS Disk
72GB SAS Disk 10k               376597-001
72GB SAS Disk 15k               432321-001
146GB SAS Disk 10k              432320-001 Single Port SAS disk
146GB SAS Disk 10k              418399-001 Dual Port SAS-disk
300GB SAS Disk 10k 493083-001

DVD Drive 8x (Slimline)         397928-001
DVD+RW Drive 8x (Slimline)      AD143-2100A   


Display board USB signal cable  AB463-2003B     (connects to UCIO board)
Power cable: memory fan         AB463-2005B
Power cable: CPU fan            AB463-2006B
Doorbell board cable            AB463-2011C
CPU power POD cable             AB463-2012C
SAS data cable                  AB463-2017A     two installed
FAN assy power cable            AB464-2002C
FAN assy power cable            AB463-2006D     FAN 2 + 3 / CPU
FAN assy power cable            AB463-2005C     FAN 1 / MEM
Serial console cable            5184-1894


AC Power Supply                 AD052-69003     (alternate: AD052-69002)
VRM for IO Backplane            0950-4677    

System Battery                  234556-001

Fan Module                      AB463-2158A     (same part for fans 1-6)

Front Bezel w Name Plate        AB464-2132A
Memory Carrier Plastic Cover    AB463-3402F
Trusted Platform. Module (TPM)   406059-001
HDD filler panel                376383-002
Tool CPU Replacement 2.5mm Hex  8710-2446
MRL Field Replacement Kit       AB463-67114     for CIO slot failures
                                                includes 8x latches 1x door bell assy
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