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HP SEU-2备件号查询

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System Backplane SEU-2         AB301-69001   replaced by AB301-67001

---------------------------- I/O --------------------------------------
PCI-X 2.0 Card Cage Assembly   AB297-69001  
PCI OLR Assy with 16 Paddles   A6093-67114(noncomp) A6093-67214(compliant)   old part#: A6093-67014;

Core I/O, MP                   AB314-69001
Core IO Backplane              AB301-60402  

Mass Storage Backplane         AB297-60104  

Removable DAT 72GB (DDS4)      DW009-69201
DVD + RW Drive                 AB351-67002
U320  36GB 15K RPM SCSI Disk   AB420-69001
U320  73GB 15K RPM SCSI Disk   AB421-69001
U320 146GB 10K RPM SCSI Disk   AB422-69001
U320 146GB 15K RPM SCSI Disk   AD206-69001
U320 300GB 10K RPM SCSI Disk   AB423-69001
U320 300GB 15K RPM SCSI Disk   AD261-69001
Filler for internal disk slot  A6198-60003  
Filler for DVD/DDS slot        A6912-00014  
Removable Media Rail Kit       A6752-67011  

INTERNAL DAT40i 40GB DRIVE     C5686-69204   carbon colored
INTERNAL DVD DEVICE            A9879-67001  
INTERNAL DVD+RW DEVICE        AB351-62001(noncomp) AB351-67002(compliant)  
INT. HTPLG U320 DISK 36GB 15k  A9896-69001(noncomp) AB420-69001(compliant)   Ultra320; ST336753LC, MAS3367NC
INT. HTPLG U320 DISK 73GB 15k  A9897-69001(noncomp) AB421-69001(compliant)   Ultra320; MAS3735xx
INT. HTPLG U320 DISK 146GB 10k A9898-69002(noncomp) AB422-69001(compliant)   Ultra320;

Bulk Power Supply (BPS)        A6093-69021
PCI-X N+1 Power Module         0950-4637
VRM for PCI-X 2.0 Backplane    0950-4622     VRM# 1-4

---------------------------- Fans -------------------------------------
Smart Fan Front                A6093-67017(noncomp) A6093-67117(compliant)   cabinet fan# 0-1
Smart Fan Rear                 A6093-67018(noncomp) A6093-67118(compliant)   cabinet fan# 2-3
Smart Fan PCI-X I/O            A6752-67030(noncomp) A6752-04071(compliant)   I/O fan# 0-5;

---------------------------- Cables -----------------------------------
Cable, E-Link Set              AB301-2008A   replaced by AB301-2008B

Cable, Front & Rear Fans       A6434-63019
Cable, Mass Storage Bundle     AB301-2106A?  or AB301-2009B? - SCSI cable bundle to internal disks & DVD/DDS
Cable, Mass Storage Power      AB297-2002A  
Cable, Core I/O Power          A6434-63022   blue color
Cable, Inside Signal (Short)   A6434-63021
Cable, Outside Signal (Long)   A6434-63025
Cable, Internal Smart Array    A7027-63003
Cable, PCI OLR Switch          AB297-2010A?  changed !?!
Cable, Intrusion Switch        A6093-63044   old part#: A6093-63025(noncomp) A6093-63044(compliant); cable to all cover open/closed switches (sensors)

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