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HP SX1000(ORCA)备件号查询

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ASSY,DLB2 ( Lite Backplane)                A6113-69102(noncomp) A6113-69201(compliant)  ( 16 Way )
ASSY,HLSB3( no Power supplies included) A5201-69401(noncomp) A5201-69501(compliant)  ( 32 Way )
ASSY,HRSB2( no Power supplies included)         A5201-69302(noncomp) A5201-69402(compliant)  ( 64 Way )

CELL BOARD     1.5 GHz MADISON                  AB283-69001 (df on CPU gives A6924-62026)
CELL BOARD     1.1 GHz IA MX2                   AB285-69001(noncomp) AB285-69002(compliant) (df pon CPU gives A6868-04024)
CELL BOARD    MAD9M 1.6GHz/9MB                  AD011-69001   => A1 stepping MP:CM>DF->s->M FRU-ID(AB364-62002)
CELL BOARD    MAD9M 1.6GHz/9MB                  AD011-69002(noncomp) AD011-69003(compliant)   => A2 stepping MP:CM>DF->s->M FRU-ID(AB364-62102) MIN. FW 5.1

CPU SOCKET TERMINATOR                           A6866-60005    in CPU slot 2 if only CPU module 0 installed (mx2 only)
Cell Board Battery(PDH Daughter Board)         234556-001     (CR2032)
ZIF,DUST COVER 5169-0431

CELL POWER BOARD, OCPB3, ORCA A6866-69001(noncomp) A6866-69002(compliant)
CELL, VRM 9.0, LINK, CCORE, & FSB VR 0950-4462(noncomp) 0950-4654(compliant) 1.2/1.8volts, (voltage regulator module)
CELL, VRM 8.5, L2C & CLK VR, 0950-4515(noncomp) 0950-4653(compliant) 2.5/3.3volts, (voltage regulator module)

BD ASSY, DIMM 512MB, single DIMM A5198-69101
BD ASSY, DIMM   1GB, single DIMM A6098-69101
BD ASSY, DIMM   2GB, single DIMM A6100-69001
--------------------Cables ---------------------

CABLE ASSY,500 MHZ CLOCK A5201-63020
(Utility Board to Master I/O Backplane)

CABLE ASSY UGUY-HLSB CLOCK A5201-63021(noncomp) A5201-63101(compliant)
Utility Board to Left System Backplane


CABLE ASSY RING I/O (old REO-) now (SBA-Cable) A5201-63066 (note: only a single cable.Order two for REO IN and REO out)
CABLE, 48V SENSE TO HUCB                        A5201-63111

*********** 32 way *****************

ASSY, HBFC3(Backplane to Backplane Flex Cable), A5201-04039   (U-Turn)
2" includes attaching hardware

*********** 64 way *****************

ASSY, HBFC1(Backplane to Backplane Flex Cable), A5201-04027(noncomp) A5201-63103(compliant)  
5" includes attaching hardware

ASSY, HBFC2(Backplane to Backplane Flex Cable), A5201-04028(noncomp) A5201-63104(compliant)  
8" includes attaching hardware

USB HUCB to HUCB cable SD64 A5201-63058(noncomp) A5201-63093(compliant)

--------------------I/O ------------------------

MODULE,GXIOB, PCIX Card Cage Assy A6864-69101(noncomp) A6864-69301(compliant) NEW !!!MP:CM>DF>S>I>: FRU NAME:GXIOB4 or GXIOB3
(12 Slot I/O Chassis)
MODULE, HIOB PCI Card Cage Assy A4856-69101        MP:CM>DF>S>I>: FRU NAME: HIOB3
(12 Slot I/O Chassis)

BD ASSY,CIO5 ( Core I/O) PCIX A6865-69001(noncomp) A5210-69501(compliant)

BD ASSY HCOLB CELL OL* A5201-67065  ******

------------------ Power -----------------------

BD ASSY HBPB2( Halfdome Backplane Power Board) A5201-69003(noncomp) A5201-69203(compliant)
PWR ASSY, BPS, (BULK POWER SUPPL) A5201-69118(noncomp) A5201-69026(compliant)
PWR ASSY, PDCA 4-WIRE ( only for US) A5201-69009
PWR ASSY, PDCA 5-wire ( europe) A5201-69016   (64amp,3 phase,with cable and connector)
PWR ASSY, PDCA 5-wire ( europe) A5201-69024   (32amp,3 phase,with connector, thinner cable
than A5201-69016, shipped for SDs since ~2003))

--------------- Utility Subsystem ---------------

ASSY UTILITY CHASSIS, includes HUCB A5201-67003(noncomp) A5201-67069(compliant)

BD ASSY UGUY-500 BOARD A6475-69001(noncomp) A6475-69201(compliant) or A6475-69301
BD ASSY, SBCHL, Single Board Computer HUB A5201-69012
MODULE ASSY,SBCH & SBC (MP) A5201-69113 MP>CM>DF>s => s(SBC) SBC FRU ID=A1150-2094 FRU NAME=SBC Board 

MODULE ASSY,SBCH & SBC2 (MP) A5201-69129(noncomp) A5201-69329(compliant)  Min.FW. 15.16(bundle 5.1)
                                                             MP>CM>DF>s => s(SBC) SBC FRU ID=A5201-60019 FRU NAME=SBC2 Board

Fuse 125V 3.5 Amps A4700-67081   This fuse provides the LCD-display
                                                        with power and is situated on the UGUY.
                                                        It s recommended to replace the UGUY and
                                                        not the fuse !

--------------- Fans -----------------------------

FAN MODULE, CELL AREA ( mounted on top) A5201-62048 (Cabinet Blower) (old part number: A5201-69011)
I/O Fan Module, incl. Fan                       A5201-04035(noncomp) A5201-04072(compliant)

--------------- IOX -------------------------------

ASSY, XUC, exp. utilities chassis, incl XUCB A5861-69001(also incl XUC FANS)
ASSY, EXPANSION POWER CHASSIS                 A5861-69102(noncomp) A5861-69202(compliant)
BD ASSY, XMIOB2  (I/O chassis backplane) A5862-60101(noncomp) A5862-60201(compliant)
CABLE ASSY,ICE OL*, LED                 A5862-63006(noncomp) A5862-63034(compliant)
CABLE ASSY, IOX REO, (in/out), Shielded         A5862-63030 see current issue 1785
CABLE ASSY, IOX CLOCK, shielded                 A5862-63031(noncomp) A5862-63046(compliant)
CABLE ASSY, IOX USBE 14FT, shielded         A5862-63032(noncomp) A5862-63044(compliant)
ASSY, XUC FAN                                   A5861-62014
ASSY, ICE FAN                                   A5862-04012(noncomp) A5862-04032(compliant)

--------------- MISC ------------------------------

BD ASSY HFPB( Halfdome Front Panel Board) FR&RR A5201-67002 Does not include the Power switch
CABLE ASSY, ON-OFF Switch, to FPB A5201-63059(noncomp) A5201-63094(compliant)

-------------- Tools ----------------------------------

TOOL, STAT MAT 24X36 W/GRD STR A5201-68004

JUMPER BOARD, loop-back  upper,  F015 to F415 A5201-68001
JUMPER BOARD, loop-back  lower,  F005 to F405 A5201-68002

LAN-crossover-cable M3199-60102M
serial console-cable A4700-67052


BD ASSY, SMS Modem Card, 56K V.92/V.44 DATA FAX 0960-2197

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