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HP pci卡备件号查询

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+++ SCSI ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
PCI-SCSI3,DIFF ULTRA/WIDE A4800-69002 (HVD)   (not supported with hpux 11.23)
    Internal Terminator    1252-6520
Single Port Ultra2 SCSI   A5149-69101 (LVD)   A, L, N, V2500  (No Exchange Part)
Single Port Ultra160 SCSI A6828-60101         A6828A (no A180 and V-Class Support !)

Dual Port Ultra2 SCSI     A5150-69101 (LVD)   A, L, N, V2500
Dual Port Ultra160 SCSI   A6829-60001         HPUX/Win/Linux A6829A (no A180 and V-Class Support !)
Dual Port Ultra320 SCSI   A6961-60011         A7173A (no A180 and V-Class Support !)
  (EFI Rom onboard)
Dual Port F/W-SCSI-2      A5159-60001 (HVD)   A, L, N, V2500,
                                                    A5159-69001 cannot be ordered!
Dual Port F/W-SCSI-2      A5159B              For Itanium use Version B only!
                                                    (B has EFI ROM, not supported with hpux 11.23)

2 port 100BT/2 port Ultra2  A5838-69101        (LVD)   A, L, N-Class (no boot on vpars)
2 Port GigE/2 port U320 AB290-69001

Ultra 160 SCSI HBA (A7059A) A6828-60101         Win/Linux

2-port Ultra 160 SCSI HBA (A6829A) A6829-60101 Win/Linux/HPUX
2-port Ultra 160 SCSI HBA (A7060A) A6829-60101 Win/Linux

2-port Ultra 320 SCSI HBA (A7060A)      A6961-60011     HP-UX/Win/OVMS/Linux

+++ RAID ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Raid 4Si PCI 4-Port Ultra-2 RAID        A5856-69101 (LVD)     L,N-Class

4-channel Ultra 160 RAID (A7143A)  A7143-69001

SA6402 (A9890A)  (A9890-69001 no longer orderable)
SA6400 Base board, 2 SCSI CH.     309520-001   **Part State:Modified(included battery)**
128MB battery buffered cache      309521-001                             (included battery for cache module)
Battery, 3.6V, 500 mAh NiMH             307132-001 2 packs are needed

SA6404 (A9891A)  (A9891-69001 no longer orderable)
SA6400 Base board, 2 SCSI CH.     309520-001    **Part State:Modified(included battery)**
256MB battery buffered cache      309522-001                             (included battery for cache module)
SA6400 2 CH. SCSI extension       309523-001
Battery, 3.6V, 500 mAh NiMH             307132-001 2 packs are needed

SA P400/ 256 SAS Controller 405831-001       PCIe Card ---> for usage in RX2660
SA P400/ 256 SAS Controller 405832-001       PCIe Card ---> for usage in RX36/6600, BL860c, SB40c
512MB battery backed write cache    
(BBWC) memory board - 72-bit, DDR 405835-001
256MB battery backed write cache
(BBWC) memory board - 40-bit, DDR 405836-001

SAS RAID Controller P600    370855-001 PCI-X card
256MB Mem. for P600 309522-001
Battery for P600       307132-001

SAS RAID Controller P800           398647-001    PCIe Card
DIMM, DDR2, 512MB Module          398645-001
DIMM, DDR2, 256MB Module            398644-001
DIMM, DDR2, 1GB Module                  398646-001
Battery Charger Module 4x, V500HTX  398648-001

Smart Array SA5302 (A9825A)             335891-001
Alternative order "red" parts :
SA5302 171383-001
128mb cache                       171387-001
4.8V battery - 300mAh, 120978-001

Smart Array SA5304 (A9826A)             345334-001
Alternative order "red" parts :
SA5302 171383-001 
2 CH SCSI expansion card                171384-001 
256mb cache 262012-001 

NetRAID-2m (P7749A)                     P7749-67001
alternative order P3475-69004, but this needs FW update !

+++ LAN +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
PCI-10/100 BASE LAN ADAPTOR A3738-69001           BNC,RJ45,AUI
1-port PCI 100Base-T adpt.  B5509-66001           A, L, N-Class only, A5230A
4 Port 100BaseTX LAN        A5506-69101   A, N, L-Class       A5506A
                                                  (PHKL_20994 and 39.46)
4 Port 100BaseTX LAN        A5506-69102   A, N, L-Class       A5506B
                                                  PHNE_21887  min. DART 50 (Sep 2000)
1000 BaseSX Single Port     A4926-60001   L, N, V-Class (fibre)
1000 BaseSX Single Port     A6847-67101   A400,A500,L,N,rp7410,rp8400,Superdome
                                                  one duplex SC fibre connector
                                                  (NOTE: Driver is igelan)
                                                  rx-System with Linux: BCM5701 Gigabit Ethernet
1000 BaseT  Single Port     A6825-67101           A400,A500,L,N,rp7410,rp8400,Superdome
                                                  RJ45 connector
                                                  (NOTE: Driver is igelan)
1000 BASE-T ADAPTER         A4929-69001           A, L, N, V-Class
                                                  (RJ45, 10/100/1000 BaseT)
PCI-X 2GB FC/1000BASE-SX HB A9782-60002           A9782A
PCI-X 2G FC/1000Base-T HBA  A9784-60002           A9784A

SC-MIC ADAPTER CABLE 0.3m   A4700-67073

802.5 Token Ring LAN     A5783-60001   A, L, N, V-Class

1000Base-T HBA (A7061A)     A6825-6710   Win/Linux
1000Base-SX HBA (A7073A)    A6847-67101           Win/Linux

2-port 1000Base-SX (A7011A) A7011-69001  
2-port 1000Base-T  (A7012A) A7012-67001  

1-port 1000Base-T PCI-X     AD331-60001           AD331A
1-port 1000Base-SX PCI-X    AD332-60001           AD332A

FC2142SR 4GB PCI-E              397739-001        A8002A
FC2242SR 4GB PCI-e, DC          397740-001        A8003A

+++ FC ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
PCI-FIBRE CHANNEL 1062Mbs               A3740-69101     FC-AL

PCI-Fibre Channel                       A3726-69006     V-Class only !! (S/N A3725A-46)
PCI-FIBRE CHANNEL -fabric-              A5158-69001     FC SAN (fabric !!)

PCI 2GBps FC-Adapter (A6795A)           A6795-69001     (ioscan: Tachyon XL2)     
PCI 2GBps Dual Port FC (A6826A)        A6826-69001     (rp7410/rp8400 needs min. PDC 16.012)

PCI-X 2GB FC/1000BASE-SX HB (A9782A)    A9782-69001 / A9782-60002         
PCI-X 2G FC/1000Base-T HBA (A9784A)     A9784-69001
PCI-X 2x1000BASE-T/2x2GB FC (AB465A)    AB465-69001

PCI-x 4GB FC SINGLE PORT HBA (AB378A)   AB378-69001
PCI-X 4GB SINGLE PORT HBA (AB378B)      AB378-69101  
PCI-X 2.0 2 Port 4Gb HBA  (AB379A)      AB379-69001   
PCI-X 2.0 2 Port 4Gb HBA  (AB379B)      AB379-69101 (or AB379-67101)

PCI-X 4GB FC/ 1000B-T Combo  (AD193A)   AD193-69001   
PCI-X 2 Port 4 GB/ 2*1000B-T (AD194A)   AD194-69001   

PCI-X 2GB FC Emulex LP982 (A7298A) A7298-69001       Windows
PCI-X 2GB FC Emulex LP9802 (AB232A)     313045-002       Windows
PCI-X 2GB FC Emulex LP1050 (AB466A)   366028-001       Windows
PCI-X 2GB FC Emulex LP1050 (AB467A) 366027-001       Windows

PCI-x 2GB FC QLOGIC QLA2340 (A7538A)    A7538-69001           LINUX

FC2143 4GB PCI-X 2.0 Emulex     410984-001     AD167A LP1150    WIN/LINUX
FC2243 4GB PCI-X 2.0 DC Emulex  410985-001     AD168A LP11002   WIN/LINUX
FC1143 PCI-X 2.0 4GB Qlogic     410986-001     AB429A WIN/LINUX

PCIe 1Port 4Gb FC  (AD299A)     AD299-67001   
PCIe FC1242SR 4GB  (AD300A)     407621-001     PCIe 2Port 4Gb Fibre Channel HBA
PCIe 4GB FC/ 1000B-T AD221-60001    AD221A EMULEX HP-UX/openVMS
PCIe 2x 4GB FC/ 2x 1000B-T AD222-60001    AD222A EMULEX HP-UX/openVMS
PCIe 2x 4GB FC/ 2x 1000B-SX AD393-60001    AD393A EMULEX HP-UX/openVMS

FC Software Driver Matrix: see

+++ WAN +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Hyperfabric Interconnect    A4919-69001   N-Class, V-Class
Hyperfabric Loopback Cable  A4919-63001
HyperFabric2 Fiber Adapter (A6386A) A6386-69001

2 Port X.25 Interface Card  J3525-69101   L, N, V-Class, Matterhorn, Keystone, Superdome, rx2600, rx5670
4 Port X.25 Interface Card  5063-1322   L, N, V-Class, Matterhorn, Keystone, Superdome

+++ HIPPI +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
PCI Serial HIPPI-800        A5801-69001

+++ ATM++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
PCI ATM 155Mbps MMF Adapter (A5513A)  A5513-69002

+++ Infiniband+++++++++++++++++++++++
2-port 4X Infinband HBA (AB286A)   AB286-69001

+++ MUX +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

PCI  8 port MUX            AD278-60001 needs fanout cable
8 port fanout cable        AD278-2000A 4 feet Octopus Cable & DB 25 Loop back 
Converter DB25-RJ45        AD278-2001A Cable conversion kit from DB25 to RJ45

PCI 64 port MUX            AD279-60001: Adapter, PCI 64P Serial MUX (up to 4 16-port panels)
cable to port module       AD279-2000A: 5 feet EBI Cable, DB25 Loop Back, & RJ45 Loop Back.
KIT, 16Port RS232 RJ45     AD280-2000A  Rj45 port module. This KIT includes the following part numbers:
                        -> AD280-67001: 16P MUX RS232 RJ45 Port Module
                        -> AD280-67002: 16P MUX Module 16" EBI Cable
KIT, 16Port RS232 DB25     AD281-2000A  DB25 port module. This KIT includes the following part numbers:
                        -> AD281-67001: 16P MUX RS232 RJ45 Port Module
                        -> AD281-67002: 16P MUX Module 16" EBI Cable

Power Supply               AD280-2001A only needed for 3rd and 4th port module

#old PCI MUX (pci_mux0 driver)
PCI  8 port MUX            A6748-69001  (old part J3592-69101) A, L, N, V, rp84x0, rp74x0, SD, see Advisory: c00801412
PCI  8 port MUX            AD278-60001  rx7640, rx8640, SX2000, Driver: pci_mux1 // diff. Cable than A6748A
PCI 64 port MUX            A6749-69001  (old part J3593-69001) A, L, N, V, Keystone, Superdome

Use J3592/J3593 if available, else use the new parts A6748A / A6749A

for more details)

16 Port RS232 RJ45 Module   J2484-69010   A, L, N, V-Class
16 Port RS232 DB25 Module   J2485-69010
16 Port RS422 RJ45 Module   J2501-69010   A, L, N, V-Class
Port Module Power Supply    J2483-60010  one must be connected to 1st port module
RJ45 to HP-RJ45 converters  J2488A
RJ45 to HP-DB25 converters  J3830A

25feet cable to port module J3595-63001
MUX card Port Module cable  J2483-60013

PCI USB Card                A6150-60001(noncomp) 30-10119-02(compliant)          
PCI Graphics Card           A6150-60002(noncomp) 30-10119-02(compliant)           Achtung!! Das angeschlossene Grafikterminal kann
                                                  NICHT als Systemconsole genutzt werden (not supported!)

HP Open VMS 3D/2D PCI Graphic Card (AB551A)       30-10119-01(noncomp) 30-10119-02(compliant)
Card, Graphics for Itanium Systems (A6869A)   A6869-67501
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