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2nd Day in Marketing Dept of BCS

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Today is a sunny tuesday. The Go-Train arrived 5 minutes late, plus the waiting time before entering Union Station. I finally

arrived the office around 8:35. The sunny early winter morning is terrific. I felt freshed walking in Downtown Toronto's


In the elevator, I met the guy from Nepeal. He carried a cup of Tim Horton's coffee with him as usual. We headed to our

manager's place to pickup the notebook we stored there last night.

When I opened the outlook, a bunch of emails appeared, which reminds me of a saying: work is just processing emails of

everyday. It seems pretty right. But most of the emails are just bluff. Manager booked a meeting room in the afternoon for

the training. Later he sent an email to postponed the meeting from 13:00 to 14:30, and finally he cancelled the meeting.

I followed his email guidance and called the 611 to repair the broken phone lines on my desk and on Peter's desk(Boy from

Qing Dao). As I told the call center guy I am from the same company but different division, he put my ticket into first

prioity. After that, I replied my manager's email with the results also informed the receptionist about the techniciann is

coming to my desk to repair phone line before 17:00.

As for security reason, the new employee has to have a photo ID card. In order to do get the photo, we have to go to the

headquarter on Bay Street. My manager got me two coupons yesterday and mentioned me how to use it. So it is show time. But

the Gil from Nepeal, he was busy in replying email from one of the BA in the team. From my point of view, that email is

unfinished and unformatted. And we 4 new guys has just spent less than an hour of introduction about the system. We don't

have the username/password to help the guy to run the scripts, plus we don't even know what teredata DB is, what the

expectation and results would be. Since Bil's computer is not accessible, he was using Indian guy's laptop/outlook to reply

the email under Indian guy's name. Isn't it fun? So I had to wait everybody finishing their job and went down stairs to take

a cab.

As instructed by my manager, we should take a Royal Taxi instead of other company's. On the coupon, we need sign the name of

user and driver should sign his name, meter's reading and we add the 15% of tips. Simple and easy? We don't need to pay by

money or credit card. Just sign the name and tips. An African-American driver sent us there for 7.5CAD (1.9km) and an Indian

one sent us back for 9.7CAD (1.9km plus a U-turn). I thought the Indian driver is playing tricks.

When we got the headquarter building, the receptionist told us to go to downstairs and cross several doors to find Xerox

office. And the guy who is responsible for taking photos picked up an SONY first generation Digital Camera, which use floppy

disk as storage media. He shot us in front of a door with white curtain. Isn't it funny?

A small episode is the Indian guy is Sikhist. I didn't know that because he didn't wear his ribbon on his head. But today

after he took a look at the picture, he decided to get the ribbon on. And the photographer told him, if you want to get the

ribbon on and take another picture, then everytime the guard would stop you without ribbon on. Finally the Sikhist gave up. I

also found his little secret. Though he didn't wear the ribbon, he kept it somewhere. Whenever needed, he could bring it in a


The rest of day is pretty boring. Reading a 59 pages of ppt showed on Monday morning's orientation, which was written by

architect from CGI. Finally we finished it before 17:00, we read together and found some errors and added some comments.

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