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1st Day in Marketing Dept of BCS

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Today is my first day in Marketing Dept of BCS.

I took GO-Train to downtown Union Station and arrived at around 8:35. I saw CTV camera shooting the two intersection on York street. One of them was exactly holded by a man focusing people who broke the redlight rule crossing the street. But don't worry, I am the guy always following the rules, especially the traffic rules.


There were four interns who would come today. I arrived first. Another one came after me is from Nepal,then an indian and a middle-aged Qingdao boy. It seems that the Nepal guy is pretty talktive. And his grandfather was from Tibet. While the Indian guy is very silent indeed which is very rare, plus he looks like 达摩. The Qingdao boy spent 2.5 years studying in New York before and served Lucent Qingdao for a wile.

As I expected, my manager took the latest Go-Train here. And mine is 5 minutes late, so did his. Around 9:17 he showed up. He toured us around the floor, we got free drinks (Pepsi, Fruit Drink, Coffee, Tea). Each of us has a small place like study places in library, totally 5 rows with 5 places in each row. I got an IBM T42, the others had T23/T22. No network cable, no local admin right, the email's configuration is not right. We need to sign some none disclosure document.

To my surprise, while I am trying to find the solution of those XP problem, a technical guy came in and fix the problem for me. I thought he was the company's technical support, but this Helpdesk/IT support was from CGI.

At 10:00, we got a meeting with 2 BA and a Co-op Student with developer in Ottawa and an architect. My manager introduced the past, current and future view of the system. I was totally lost in their conversation so did the remote guy because of the microphone was behind the projecter, you can imagine how loud the fan's noise.

At 12:00, we went down stairs to enjoy the welcome meal in an Italian restaurant. I ordered a mushroom pizza. It is ok. But the pizza the other ordered, either too salty or too bad to eat. I tried a quarter of pizza from Qingdao boy, even saltier than 咸菜.

The whole afternoon was spent on installing software (Teradata SQL Assistant, ODBC driver and BTEQ) and custormizing my laptop. Google Toolbar and Google Desktop should be in the first prioity.

Around 17:00, my manager came and explained that he was busy in cross-check the executive report for the whole afternoon and asked us to take photo when he disappear next time.

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