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The first day in CC

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Today is the first day in CC.


Today is the first day in CC.

I arrived late for 10 minutes, because of the bad traffice on 401. It took me 1 hour and 10 minutes to reach the office. I found another two guys are waiting in front of the reception. Once I arrived, all of three are welcomed by the HR people. Then in the small meeting room, Leena began to show us the 11 minutes of orientation video and began to do the paper work with us. The other two guys, Nicholas and Leo (HK) are full-time permanent position in CIG. And I am in CIC as Technical Support Representative. We went around the main building in CC. Then I was guided to my supervisor Andrey Seepa. After showing me around CIC, I was given a schedule of July. To my surprise, it is all training without anything else.

After half an hour talking with the trainer, he decided to skipped the basic of photography. He just gave me some orientation about the CC's website and CU's website. I also recommended him to use google instead of the CC website's search function, which is not as efficient as google one.

In the afternoon, we continued with our training on camera/lense product line and flash, also some website associated, like Camera Museum and Bebit. Also he brought me an 20D with EFS lenses. I played quite a while. Finally before 5pm, we found we have gone through two day's training in just one afternoon.

I didn't go back home directly, instead I read some notes on the board, around 5:15 I left the office and drive back, which take me 40 minutes.

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