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opatch apply -no_inventory

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[DB@oracle:/home/oracle/patch/5671074]opatch apply -no_inventory

Oracle Interim Patch Installer version
Copyright (c) 2008 Oracle Corporation. All Rights Reserved..

We recommend you refer to the OPatch documentation under
OPatch/docs for usage reference. We also recommend using
the latest OPatch version. For the latest OPatch version
and other support related issues, please refer to document
293369.1 which is viewable from

Oracle Home           : /home/oracle/product/9.2.0
Oracle Home Inventory : /home/oracle/product/9.2.0/inventory
Central Inventory     : /home/oracle/oraInventory
   from               : /etc/oraInst.loc
OUI location          : /home/oracle/product/9.2.0/oui
OUI shared library    : /home/oracle/product/9.2.0/oui/lib/aix/
Java location         : /home/oracle/product/9.2.0/jdk/jre/bin/java
Log file location     : /home/oracle/product/9.2.0/.patch_storage//*.log

Creating log file "/home/oracle/product/9.2.0/.patch_storage/5671074/Apply_5671074_03-26-2009_15-09-26.log"

Invoking fuser to check for active processes.

Invoking fuser on "/home/oracle/product/9.2.0/bin/oracle"
The ORACLE_HOME does not contain a valid JDK.
Redefine JAVA_HOME to refer to a JDK 1.2.2 or greater.
Backing up comps.xml ...

Please shut down Oracle instances running out of this ORACLE_HOME
(Oracle Home = /home/oracle/product/9.2.0)
Is this system ready for updating?
Please respond Y|N >
Applying patch 5671074...

Patching archive files...

Running make for target ioracle.

Backing up comps.xml ...

OPatch succeeded.

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