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Regarding Month Closing

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The following processes including SD,MM,PP,FI,CO .

SD Relevant Steps:
1.Check if all delivery in due list have been processed VL06G (Could set background jobs to automatically generate the billing due list for posting)
2.Check if all picking in due list have been processed VL06P
3.Check if all goods issue in due list have been processed VL04
4.Check if all billed AR has been release to accounting VFX3

PP Relevant Steps:
1.Check if all back flash error has been solved (COGI Check every day this kind of problem and solved on time)
2.Check if all production orders that will not be followed have been finally confirmed or technically closed. Do final confirmation even small quantity variance exist but we consider this order has finished
3.Do technical close at month end for the orders will not be followed in the future
4.Confirmation. Do not confirm any assembly scrap when do production order conf.

MM Relevant Steps 1.Check if all goods movement has been booked in SAP
2.GR/IR clearing accounts maintenance if needed
3.Open the MM period for movement posting when new period starts MMPV

FI Relevant Steps
1.Book all accounting entries for:
- Accrued expense
- Do recurring entry (prepayment, accrued expense, amortization)
- Process G/L, vendor, customer balance & open items
- Cost allocations by FI
2.AM Fixed asset depreciation run and period posting AFAB
3.AM Periodic posting ASKB
4.G/L,AR,AP balance check & Open item clearing
5.Foreign currency revaluation for bank/cash & AR AP open items
Bank/cash revaluation: F.06
AR AP open items: F.05
6.GR/IR clearing account regrouping process F.19
7.Automatic clearing for G/L accounts, vendor and customer F.13

CO Relevant Steps 1.Release standard cost estimate
CK24 Only when there are costing run to be released.
2.Cost reallocation according to activity
Distribution: CKV5
Assessment: KSU5
3.Cost splitting among activity KSS2
4.Actual activity price calculation KSII
5.Production order revaluation with actual activity price CON2
6.WIP calculation for the production orders KKAO
7.Variance calculation for the production orders KKS1
8.Production / Costing orders settlement CO88/KO88
9.Material ledger closing > MMPV first
a.Create costing run CKRU00
b.Allow settlement CKMF_RUN
c.Allow closing entries CKMG_RUN
d.Material selection CKMB_RUN
e.Determine costing sequence CKMC_RUN
f.Settle single level CKMH_RUN
g.Settle multi level CKMM_RUN
h.Post closing CKMI


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