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BAdI: InfoSpoke with Transformation

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BAdI: InfoSpoke with Transformation


This Business Add-In (BAdI) can be used in the Open Hub Service. You can use this BAdI to transform data to be transferred using an InfoSpoke.


In the Transformation tabpage, set the indicator for InfoSpoke with Transformation via BAdI to activate the InfoSpoke. Only after doing this can you access the BAdI Builder.

Standard settings

The BAdI is filter-dependent. Create an implementation for each required InfoSpoke.You cannot use the BAdI more than once.


After executing the IMG activity, a dialog box appers in which you can enter a name for the implementation. An additional dialog box appears in which the existing implementations are displayed, should implementations already have been created for this BAdI. In this dialog box, choose Create and proceed as follows:

    1. In the dialog box, in the Implementation field, enter a name for the BAdI implementation and then choose Create.
    2. The initial screen for creating BAdI implementations appears.
    3. In the initial screen, in the Short Text for Implementation field, enter a short text for the implementation.
    4. Under Filter Types, specify the name of your InfoSpoke.
    5. In the tab strip, choose Interface.
    6. In the Interface tab page, the Name of Implemented Class field is automatically filled since the system assigns a class name on the basis of the name of your implementation. Note: The class name must lie in the customer class Z... Change the suggested name accordingly if this is not the case.
    7. Save your entries and assign a development class.
    8. Position the cursor over the method and jump to method processing by double-clicking on it.
    9. Between the method ~. and endmethod commands, enter the coding required for the implementation.
    10. Save and activate your coding and navigate back to the Change Implementation screen.
    11. Save your entries in the Change Implementation screen.
    12. Note: You can also create an implementation for a BAdI first and activate it later. In this case, exit processing now.
    13. Choose Activate.
    14. When activating the application program, the coding you stored in the method is run.


Also refer to:




Transformation of Extracted Data into Transferred Data


The method TRANSFORM enables you to transform the InfoObjects of an InfoSpoke.



I_R_REQUEST: Open Hub Request: Substep extraction


I_R_LOG: Log for request



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