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Configure BI Java Connectors

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Configure BI Java Connectors

In this step you use connectors to establish a connection between the data sources and the J2EE Engine. Each BI Java Connector can address n instances. They configure the J2EE Engine in the Visual Administrator.


Configuring BI Java Connectors

For information on the various steps in configuring BI Java Connectors, read chapter 6, Post-Installation Activities, in the SAP BW installation guide. This can be found in the SAP Service Marketplace at

Note: If you want to copy a connection (clone key), note that: If you specify a name for the connector when you copy the connection, enter the prefix SDK_ so that UD Connect can recognize the BI Java Connector.

Checking the Connector Installation

You are able to check the installation after configuring connectors. To do this, call the connector pages using the following URLs:

BI Java Connector URL BI JDBC Connector :/TJdbc/servlet/TestJdbc">http://:/TJdbc/servlet/TestJdbc
BI ODBO Connector :/TJdbc/servlet/TestOdbo">http://:/TJdbc/servlet/TestOdbo
BI XMLA Connector :/TJdbc/servlet/TestXmla">http://:/TJdbc/servlet/TestXmla
BI SAP Query Connector :/TJdbc/servlet/TestSapq">http://:/TJdbc/servlet/TestSapq

A list of the source objects (tables or multidimensional objects) should be displayed.


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