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1. Create Stock transport Order - ME21N
2. Fast Display Purchase Orders - VL10B
3. Change Delivery, Picking and Post Goods Issue - VL02N
4. Once you do PGI, Goods will be in Transit - MB5T(Report)
5. Goods Receipt in the receiving plant - MIGO with reference to outbound delivery (delivery number created in step above)
6.If the stock transfer is between cross company codes, then you have to do Billing - VF01 (supplying plant)after post goods issue (after step-3)
7. Invoice Verification - MIRO (receiving plant)is the last step ie step-6.
二、配置和数据准备The following steps have to be followed in order to configure stock transport order between two plants.
1. Create a vendor for the Company code of the receiving plant using account group 0007 via T-Code XK01
2. In the purchasing data view assign the supplying plant (Menu:Extras->Add Purchasing Data)and the schema group.
3. Create a customer (receiving plant as a customer for company code and sales area of supplying plants  via T-Code  XD01 
4. The shipping conditions, the delivering plant and the transportation zone determine the route in the STO
5. In the pricing procedure determination relevant to the STO assign document pricing procedure and customer pricing procedure to get the pricing in the invoice.
6. Maintain carrier as a partner in the customer master
7. Assign this customer number in receiving plant details OMGN6 i" b/ x3 n( e
Path:Materials Management->Purchasing->Purchase Order->Set up Stock Transport Order
8. Assign supplying sales area in supplying plant details OMGN
9. Path:Materials Management->Purchasing->Purchase Order->Set up Stock Transport Order
9. Assign the delivery type and checking rule to the document type
10. And finally, assign the purchasing document type to the supplying plant and the receiving plant.
11. Material should be maintained in both supplying and receiving plant MM014
12. Stock should maintain only in supplying plant MB1C
13. Create Information Record Via T-CODE: ME11
14. Maintain condition records for pricing condition.  Via T-Code : VK11
15. Create Source List Via T-CODE: ME01
16. Create the STO using T-Code ME 21N and save
17. Check for release strategy if any and release using T-Code ME 28
18. Create delivery in background using VL10G
19. If delivery is created, it is an indication of correct configuration and master data creation.

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