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title: Web Application Developer / IT Specialist / Industry Consultant - Java

Skill Requirements

1) Technical Skills (Java 1.5 & 1.6)
a) Solid Knowledge of Java UI design
b) Solid Knowledge of Java multi thread programing and program performance turning. 
c)  Knowledge of Java Middle Tier Technologies (RMI/JWS/JMS) 
d) Knowledge of Java unit testing frameworks (JUnit, JMock)
e)  Knowledge of web technologies (XML/XSLT/HTML/Javascript)
f)  Knowledge or experiences in Web Services, J2EE, XML, SQL 
g)  Database Experiences – DB2 or Oracle or Sybase or MySQL 
h) Knowledge of FIX protocol is a nice to have

2) Familiar with software development tools and process. 
a. Web application development skills, i.e. JSP, JSF, Ajax
b. Good understanding in UML and software modeling
c. Knowledge of Unix/Linux is a nice to have

3) Other skills
a) Good English (listening, speaking and writing)
b) Good communication & able to work with teams from different cultures
c) Able to prioritize one’s own work to handle multi-tasking
d) Good analytical and troubleshooting skills

1. Please focus resources with strong technical skill
2. Banking industry knowledge is better to have, not must;
3. Bilingual is better to have, not must;

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